Fear of intercourse: Know the causes and solutions

 Fear of intercourse: Know the causes and solutions

Fear of intercourse: Know the causes and solutions

Do you feel afraid of intercourse? So don't worry, most of the causes of your fear have very simple solutions. Follow the article to find out more.

Fear of intercourse is common among both men and women, so let us learn more about the subject by reading the following:

Fear of intercourse in men

The fear of intercourse in men is caused by several reasons, and the following,  the reason will be mentioned, followed by the medical solution:

1. Worry about poor performance

Many men are afraid of poor sexual performance, so they should first trust themselves and go to the family doctor to solve the problem and gain very important information in this regard.

2. Loss of erection

Suffering from the loss of an erection during intercourse causes embarrassment for the man, which makes him afraid of intercourse the next time.

There is a near-perfect treatment for this condition, which is to take some medications to treat erectile dysfunction.

3. Premature ejaculation

Early ejaculation does not cause a problem for the man, but rather causes him embarrassment, as he may be satisfied with his sexual desire while the wife has not reached any pleasure, and this greatly affects the relationship.

There is a medical solution for this condition, which is to use a spray to reduce the sensitivity of the penis.

4. Delayed ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation can sometimes embarrass a man, causing him to fear future intercourse.

The solution is training and guided imagery, and masturbation must be stopped.

5. Psychological anxiety

Anxiety and fear of intercourse are something that needs treatment by a psychologist.

6. Having a small penis

This is one of the most common causes of fear of sexual intercourse in men, and the solution lies here that the man must know that the woman does not care about this matter, but rather cares about the method of sexual performance as a whole.

Fear of intercourse in women

In the following, the causes of fear of intercourse in women will be mentioned, and each cause follows the method of treatment:

1. Vaginal dryness

The dryness of the vagina causes burning and pain during sexual intercourse, and this pain causes women to fear intercourse.

Vaginal dryness is very simple and can be treated with some medications prescribed by the doctor, and when the vagina restores its moisture, the process of intercourse takes place without pain, and thus the woman gets rid of her fears.

2. Vaginismus

In some cases, a man may not be able to reach the stage of penetration, due to a woman suffering from vaginismus, which causes very severe pain for a woman that makes her permanently afraid of intercourse.

Here the treatment is sequential so the woman must be treated medically by expanding the vagina, and she must also train not to be afraid and tighten the body during intercourse.

3. Not having an orgasm

Some women may not orgasm with their partner, and this makes them averse to intercourse and a constant worry about it.

The treatment here is after knowing the main reason for that, for example, if the reason is:

If a woman is not attracted to her partner, the treatment must be psychological.

In the presence of a hormonal imbalance, the treatment is to regulate the hormones and take medications in this regard according to the doctor’s instructions.

A common cause that leads to fear of intercourse for both spouses

One of the most common problems between couples is the absolute lack of understanding between spouses, as the most common claim is: 

“He does not understand me and I do not understand him” and this leads to fear of joint intercourse, so it should be noted first that the lack of understanding by one of the parties to the other is without The intention is often, and here we must be frank to resolve this matter.

If it is not possible to reach an understanding in a frank manner, it is possible to refer to the family doctor, who can give solutions for communication between the two partners, and among the most prominent of these solutions is the separation of a specific period so that each party feels its need for its partner.

Tips for the continuity of the enjoyable sex life of the two partners

After several years, the mutual desire will be destined to weaken or fade, and this is a normal situation, so a set of tips will be mentioned in the following to overcome this feeling:

Both partners should treat each other as friends.

The two partners should be frank about what is on their minds in terms of intimacy.

The relationship must be renewed from time to time by going out with each other on a trip to a place they enjoy.

It is worth mentioning here that the fear of intercourse may result from the knowledge of one of the spouses that there is a health problem that prevents him from enjoying, and here a test for testosterone must be conducted for both sexes, as it is the main responsible for the pleasure of both sexes.

In the event of a hormone deficiency, it can be compensated with industrial pharmaceutical hormones, and treatment in this context is carried out with the help of a urologist or an endocrinologist.

To summarize, it can be said that the success of the treatment and solving the problem lies in the appropriate choice of the appropriate therapist, and the conclusion is related to the experience of the therapist or doctor.

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