Female orgasm

Orgasm in a woman is not only a physical process or just a process in sexual practice, so when a woman wants to feel orgasm, she must be reassuring, calm, and safe.

Female orgasm

Many books and studies have discussed the issue of orgasm in women, and have been discussed in educational seminars, which indicates the extent of interest in this point by women and men, as well as in the field of scientific research.

Female orgasm

The female orgasm is not only a physical process or just a process in sexual practice, but it is also a great sensory experience, so when a woman wants to feel orgasm, she must be reassured, calm and safe.

Many types of research have proven that orgasm in women does not stem from physiological arousal only, which is mainly secondary in the process but rather occurs in the brain first, for this reason, it is difficult for not a few women to reach it.

Every woman can reach an orgasm despite what she thinks and she does not need a man to achieve this, she does not need to know what he thinks about her or how he feels about her.

Women who fake orgasms to please their husbands cause themselves disappointment and lose the great pleasure from the sexual relationship, and to avoid reaching this situation, the woman must take care of herself through her love for herself and her body and by guiding her husband to what she wants and loves to reach sufficiency.

Types of orgasm in women

When talking about orgasm in women, we tell you about its types in the following:

1. Clitoral orgasm

The clitoris aims to please women and contains more than eight thousand nerve endings, and when it is aroused, its blood vessels expand and the genital organ is filled with blood, the pelvic muscles are tightened, and the brain translates this process as sexual arousal.

Orgasm in a woman's clitoris consists of several peaks, an experience that differs from one woman to another. It can be achieved by:

Use the water current when taking a shower.

Self-pleasure by foreplay, touch, or masturbation.

Within the sexual relationship with the husband.

As the excitement increases, the clitoral area becomes hydrated, the clitoris becomes red and swollen, and eventually, the desired orgasm occurs.

2. G point trance

In fact, this point is a small place made up of nerve terminals, which are located in the area of ​​a woman’s urination. 

Excitement can be felt at this point in two ways: the first by penetration and the second by stimulating a specific point in the vagina.

The strange thing is that researchers are not sure of the existence of this point in the first place, but it is known that there are women who are more sensitive than others in the vagina and therefore they feel aroused better.

To feel the orgasm at the G point, the woman must be aroused before that by clitoral orgasm or by prior foreplay with the husband, then the woman can lie on her back and ask the man for penetration.

It is important to mention that sometimes this feeling causes a woman to urinate. This is normal, and it is even a sign that the man is doing his work in the right way. 

If the woman is relaxed and reassured, this feeling is transient.

Sometimes a woman's orgasm ends with a clear, odorless liquid.

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