Female sexual dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction

Impotence in women is caused by many different causes, many of which can lead to difficulty in having sex, and thus feelings of great frustration.

In the following article, we will talk about the most important information related to impotence in women and its most important causes:

Female sexual dysfunction

Impotence in women is generally hidden in the body, or in the soul, and sometimes it can be a mixture between the two, and these problems are usually manifested by difficulty reaching orgasm, pain during sex, and even complete avoidance of sexual intimacy, hence the It cuts the way to feeling a lot of frustration that can lead to depression.

Causes of impotence in women

Here are some of the main reasons that lead to the emergence of sexual problems and can lead to impotence in women:

1. The status of the marital relationship

Division of work and tasks, children, economic problems, love in the past, and all these situations can lead to the emergence of sexual weakness in women, and when problems arise in harmony with the husband, this matter has a direct impact on her sexual contact with him and thus it affects the Her body in terms of physical.

2. Suffering from psychological problems

Psychological problems that may be the cause of impotence in women are the following:





feeling guilty.

All of these things can affect a woman's sexual health, leading to impotence.

3. Lack of stimulation of sexual desire

Stress and poor communication result when one spouse stops being attracted to the other, which directly affects a woman's sexual function.

4. Suffering from some health problems

There are many medical problems in the pelvic area and female reproductive organs that may cause pain during sex, the inability to achieve an orgasm, and sexual weakness in women in general, and the most prominent of these health problems are the following:

Vaginal dryness

For young women, this is usually caused by a lack of sexual arousal, and for older women, the problem is usually caused by a decrease in estrogen levels, and sometimes a hormonal imbalance and a lack of certain medications may hinder sexual arousal and cause vaginal dryness.


This condition is actually a painful contraction of the muscles surrounding the vaginal opening that causes it to tighten and makes it difficult for the penis to penetrate. 

Many reasons cause vaginismus, including contamination in the area, complications during surgery, various spermicides, and sometimes the presence of an Allergy to condoms.

Psychologically, sexual performance anxiety in women and generalized anxiety problems may cause vaginismus to develop.

Sexually transmitted diseases

The main sexually transmitted diseases are the following:




Syphilis (Syphilis).


Also, these diseases can be contagious, as they are transmitted through sexual contact and lead to the inability to have sex due to irritation, sensitivity, or pain in the area, resulting in impotence in women.

Infection in the vagina

Provoking inflammation in the vaginal tissues may lead to pain or discomfort during sex.

pelvic inflammatory disease

It is actually a vaginal infection that develops into the cervix and ovaries.

Neurological damage after surgery

Inevitable removal of some nerves during surgery, such as hysterectomy, may damage sensation in the area, resulting in impotence in women.

Other health conditions

They consist of the following:


Chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, and kidney disease.


nervous disorders;

disturbances in blood flow;

Hormonal imbalance.



Use of alcohol or drugs.

5. Use of certain medicines

The use of certain medicines may cause sexual problems in women, such as:


Chemotherapy drugs.

Medications to treat high blood pressure is most commonly used to affect sexual function in women.

6. Male sexual weakness

Sexual problems in men have a direct impact on the condition of their wives, such as impotence, premature ejaculation, or the inability to achieve an orgasm, all of which may affect the safety or excitement of women and hinder the natural course of sexual enjoyment.

Perceptions and beliefs about intimacy

Many women who have grown up with certain beliefs may view sex in a negative light rather than as an integral and enjoyable part of a relationship. 

They may feel shame, guilt, fear, or anger about everything related to sex.

On the other hand, many women and men may internalize sex as depicted in pornographic cinema, and the Internet to set unrealistic expectations for sex, and they would feel disappointed and sad when the sex does not match in reality with that which appears in the media, 

and this may lead to the emergence of Distortion of body image which is also evident in bed.

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