Figs.. 10 benefits for diet, heart and cancer prevention

 Figs.. 10 benefits for diet, heart and cancer prevention

Figs fruit protects the heart, defeats cancer, and provides the body with 10 benefits. Get to know them.

Figs fruit is one of the most beneficial fruits for humans in addition to its delicious taste that many people love. 

It is a fruit that protects the heart from various diseases and defeats cancer since it contains many important fibers and vitamins that a person needs.

Figs.. 10 benefits for diet, heart and cancer prevention

10 benefits of figs

1. Dieting and weight loss: Because it is a rich source of fiber and contributes to reducing the number of calories.

2. Lower cholesterol: because it contains soluble fiber.

3. Maintaining the heart: Because it is rich in phenols and omega-6 fatty acids, it reduces the risk of coronary heart disease.

4. Blood pressure treatment: It contains a high percentage of potassium, and is low in sodium, thus contributing to the prevention of high blood pressure.

5. Cancer prevention: because it contains large amounts of fiber.

6. Treatment of osteoporosis: It is a good source of calcium.

7. Regulating blood sugar: where some studies have shown that fig tree leaves improve the insulin response, but it is not a substitute for it, and it is necessary to consult a doctor about it due to the difference in each diseased case from the other.

8. Preserving the skin: beauticians advise making a mask of mashed figs and massaging the face with it in a circular motion.

9. Useful for hair: It contributes to strengthening and moisturizing hair, and it is one of the most important essential elements in many conditioners and shampoos.

10. Beneficial for the stomach: The fiber in figs contributes to softening the intestines and preventing constipation.

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