For these reasons, you do not lose weight by dieting

 For these reasons, you do not lose weight by dieting

For these reasons, you do not lose weight by dieting

Most people suffer from the problem of not losing weight despite dieting and following different diets. This leads to despair, depression, giving up eating, and gaining more weight.

Are there reasons behind that? Of course yes, this problem is related to several different health, behavioral, environmental, and psychological factors.

In this article, we will introduce you to the most important reasons for not losing weight despite dieting:

Reasons for not losing weight with dieting:

1- Eat a large meal at once, and do not divide meals into small meals throughout the day.

2- Eating high-calorie meals that the body keeps in the form of fats that accumulate and cause weight gain.

3- Hormonal disorders in the body that affect many women, and one of the results may be stability in weight and lack of descent despite following a diet.

4- Disturbances in the activity of the thyroid gland, such as inactivity, cause obesity and weight stability, especially since the thyroid gland is responsible for burning calories.

5- A deficiency in some vitamins such as vitamin D in the body also causes weight stability despite following diets and diets.

6- Eating a lot of salty foods that cause fluid retention in the body, such as fried foods, pickles, and other canned and salted foods.

7- Depression and surrender, which makes one eat excessively and thus gain weight.

8- Lack of exercise in addition to dieting, lack of movement and a lot of sitting during the day also leads to the accumulation of fat and weight gain.

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