Here are the secrets of a woman's orgasm

 Here are the secrets of a woman's orgasm

What is an orgasm in women? And what are its types? How can a woman reach orgasm? These details and more can be found in the article.

Here are the secrets of a woman's orgasm

Let's get acquainted in the following with the most important information and details about orgasm in women:

Introduction to female orgasm

Orgasm in a woman is not only a physical process or a process related to sexual relations but is related to the sensory and emotional experience of the woman herself, so when any woman wants to feel an orgasm, she must be calm, relaxed, and confident.

It was found that the orgasm in a woman is not only caused by physiological arousal, as physiological arousal is a secondary component in this process, but it occurs first in the brain, which is why many women find it difficult to reach an orgasm.

How can a woman's orgasm be achieved?

Despite the prevailing thinking, every woman can achieve orgasm alone and she does not need a man for this purpose, as she does not need to know what a man thinks about her and what he feels about her, all that a woman needs to reach orgasm is to love herself and her body And as mentioned earlier, she should be calm and relaxed so that she can enjoy the orgasm.

Women who have to fake their orgasms just to please their partner are causing themselves more and more frustration, and they miss out on the great pleasure of sexual intercourse.

To avoid this situation, the woman must take care of herself, whether by loving herself and her body or by telling her partner her desires and what she loves.

Types of orgasms

There are two types of orgasms in women:

1. Clit Orgasm

The first type of orgasm in a woman is the clitoral orgasm, as the function of the clitoris is a woman’s enjoyment, as it contains more than 80,000 nerve terminals, and when it is aroused, its blood vessels expand, the genital organ is filled with blood, and the pelvic muscles tighten, so the brain translates what is happening as sexual arousal.

The clitoral orgasm consists of several peaks so that every woman experiences it differently, as the more excitement the clitoris contour becomes moister the clitoris turns red and swollen, and the happy ending comes in the form of an orgasm in the woman.

2. G-spot jerk

This point is a small mass of nerve terminals located in a woman's urination area.

The excitement at this point can be felt in two ways:


Create arousal at a certain point in the vagina.

The strange thing is that researchers are not sure of the existence of this point in the first place, but it is known that there are women who are more sensitive than other women in the vaginal area, and therefore they feel arousal from this area and better.

To feel the orgasm of a woman at the G-spot, she must be aroused before that by fondling the clitoris or by mutual foreplay with the partner.

The moment a woman is aroused, the G-spot will protrude from the vagina, and when aroused by an external factor, such as the penis, the woman will begin to feel an orgasm.

It is important to note here that sometimes this feeling causes a woman to want to urinate, and this is very normal, as this shows that the man seems to be doing the task perfectly, and if the woman is relaxed and still, this feeling of urination ends by itself.

But what happens is that when a woman's orgasm reaches its climax, she sometimes ejaculates a clear, odorless liquid.

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