Home and medical methods of treating intercourse pain

 Home and medical methods of treating intercourse pain

Home and medical methods of treating intercourse pain

Women may feel pain at times during intimacy, so in the article, we offer you ways to treat intercourse pain at home and medically.

Some women suffer from pain during intimacy, and this may lead to the wife’s reluctance to meet sexually, but this is not the best solution, but there are several ways to treat intercourse pain, follow the article to find out:

Home remedies for intercourse pain

Here are the ways that may help relieve and treat intercourse pain, but you should consult your gynecologist first before applying any of them:

1. Use of lubricants

Lubricants are lubricants that are suitable for women with vaginal dryness, to work as a substitute for natural secretions. 

The doctor can be asked about the appropriate type that does not pose a danger to the vagina. It is worth knowing here that the causes of vaginal dryness lie in the following:

Practicing breastfeeding: Most breastfeeding women suffer from vaginal dryness, due to the change in hormones in the body.

Taking certain medications: such as sedatives, blood pressure medications, antidepressants, and birth control pills, all of which increase vaginal dryness.

Use of some vaginal cleansers: which contain chemicals that destroy some of the glands that produce secretions that facilitate sexual intercourse.

2. Do Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are pelvic floor exercises that help relieve cramps and reduce pain.

In general, women should exercise to make the body more flexible and relaxed, as this will greatly affect the enjoyment of sexual relations.

3. Changing the sexual position

The cause of the pain may be the position in which sexual intercourse takes place. It is possible to talk with the partner and try the most comfortable positions. 

This simple change may be the final solution to treat intercourse pain.

4. Pay attention to the time of petting

Care must be taken to caress before having intercourse, to increase the secretions in the woman, and thus reduce the pain associated with the intercourse.

5. Get rid of anxiety

You must get rid of anxiety and know the reasons that make a woman feel nervous, whether they are related to intimate practice or other reasons that cause this feeling, and after addressing this anxiety, the contractions that cause intercourse pain will decrease.

False beliefs about intimacy that affect your psychological state must also be eliminated.

6. Correct cleaning of the vaginal area

The correct cleaning of the vaginal area using warm water, and avoiding the use of harmful detergents that destroy the natural secretion glands are part of the treatment of home intercourse pain.

Also, types of hygienic cleansers suitable for the vaginal area should be used, and a doctor can be consulted to choose the most appropriate ones.

Medical treatment of intercourse pain

Pain during intercourse may be caused by severe health problems, such as a birth defect in the genital area, or due to the presence of a bacterial, fungal, or even viral infection in the area, so the treatment here is as follows:

Use of medicines: Here the treatment of vaginal infections is the solution, and you should consult your doctor to find out the type of infection and the appropriate medication for it.

Undergoing surgery: If there is a narrowing of the vagina or a birth defect in the genital area, it can be corrected with surgery.

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