honey and diabetics

There are no specific advantages to the process of replacing honey with sugar for diabetics, both honey and sugar have an effect on the level of sugar in the blood, but some granulated sugar can be used instead of honey in some recipes 

especially if it contains a little more calories and more Each teaspoon of granulated sugar, but if you prefer the taste of honey, you should continue to use it, but in moderation. 

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honey and diabetics

honey and diabetics

Although honey and diabetics may not meet, honey increases the level of insulin in the blood and helps people with diabetes in controlling blood sugar levels 

but it does not seem so far to have any research that supports honey conclusively as a major factor in preventing disease. ..

However, several researchers found a possible link between honey and cases of low blood sugar, and a study was conducted targeting about 50 people who suffer from type 1 diabetes 

as well as the suffering of about 30 people with type 1 disease, so compared to sugar honey was The effect of lower levels of sugar in the body on everyone.

Studies also raise the level of peptide in the bloodstream, which it is released when the body produces insulin, and the normal level of it shows that the body can produce sufficient insulin 

and there is no need for further studies to determine if honey is used in the prevention and treatment of diabetes.

 The best honey for diabetics

Honey is an effective substance against bacteria as well as wounds, including burns, bruises, and scratches 

and here it is difficult for bacteria to develop resistance to honey, and studies were conducted and the results were as follows:

According to a study that was conducted for three months, clover honey was used as a dressing for thirty different diabetic foot wounds.

It happened that about 43% of the wounds were completely healed.

While there was a decrease in the size of bacteria reached 43%.

Therefore, clover honey, which is one of the best types of honey, can be used for diabetics.

Eating fresh bee honey can have different antibacterial properties and be stronger than the varieties that have been fumigated or even stored for a long time 

in addition to the fact that many benefits of honey are eaten on an empty stomach in the morning, specifically clover honey.

 Benefits of bee honey

Honey and diabetics may be suitable for them, but the benefits of bee honey are numerous as follows:

It helps heal wounds and burns completely, as it has been used since ancient times within the parts of alternative medicine in healing body wounds as well as treating burns.

It helps reduce periods of diarrhea in people, relieves its severity, and reduces the period of infection as well, as it increases the amount of water and potassium that is eaten, which is important for the human body.

It relieves cases of GERD, especially as it has multiple benefits that vary strongly in alleviating the problem of GERD.

It effectively treats the symptoms caused by colds and coughs, according to the advice of the World Health Organization, which confirmed its role in eliminating colds and coughs.

One of the most important benefits of bee honey is that it is considered an important source of antioxidants, especially as it contains phenolic compounds that protect the body from the dangers of cancerous tumors and heart diseases.

Honey has anti-fungal properties and contains compounds that eliminate harmful bacteria and fungi.

Healing wounds: honey helps heal wounds, especially manuka honey, which contains various properties that eliminate bacteria 

and is effective in killing various germs, and many studies have shown that one of the benefits of bee honey is that honey can reduce infection that affects wounds.

It helps relieve digestive problems that affect the digestive system, as it helps to completely eliminate its problems, such as various cases of diarrhea.

Helps relieve throat infections in people, especially honey has been proven to eliminate coughs to treat and relieve cough.

 Yemeni honey

Yemeni honey is the finest honey in the world, and its prices are very high due to its high quality and because it is not badly manufactured in Yemen, especially Sidr honey.

Yemeni honey is considered one of the most famous types of honey in various countries of the world, especially because of the characteristics of Yemeni lands as a result of different terrains such as high mountains or even extended valleys 

as well as the vast plateaus and the various long coasts of Yemen, so it has a unique climate that helped the difference in flowering and honey.

Yemeni honey differs from other types, in that it is bees who build honey by themselves without human intervention in manufacturing like in other countries 

and one of its advantages is that honey and diabetics and the relationship between them may become better and that it retains its quality and taste for a long time as well as its natural properties of pollen as well as Royal jelly and increases the benefits of honey, so its value has increased and its price has risen in the world.

The original Sidr honey

It is Yemeni honey of high value and price as well. Among the specifications of the original Sidr honey are the following:

One of the advantages of honey is that it has the smell of Sidr, unlike adulterated honey, which does not have any odors.

One of the characteristics of the original Sidr honey is that it is characterized by a dark color and the color does not change with changing temperatures.

One of its advantages is that it does not freeze even after placing it in the freezer.

It can maintain its consistency even if put in the refrigerator.

It does not happen to be granulated sugar in its texture.

 The best types of honey for the treatment

Yemeni Sidr honey, which is manufactured in the Yemeni city of Hadhramaut, is one of the best types of honey in the whole world, as it is characterized by its high price and its advantages:

It is made in one season only so its price is high all over the world, it is not easy to find.

It is not affected in its quality or color by changing seasons or even weather temperatures in different regions.

It can keep its quality and taste for a long time even after it has been processed without discoloration.

honey and diabetics

honey and sick Diabetes have great benefits for patients, including the following:

Honey and diabetics may agree, especially in the case of eating it results in a slight decrease in the level of cholesterol and glucose in the blood.

It helps in the process of reducing the weight significantly in the body.

It slows down the rise in blood sugar compared to table sugar.

It has a great benefit as well, which is that it helps to significantly speed up the healing of wounds in patients.

[1] One of the most important scientifically proven uses of honey is its use in healing wounds, as it has been found that placing honey preparations or dressings containing it works to speed up the healing of wounds.

 Bee honey and diabetes

Honey for diabetics can make compatibility between them, and the benefits of honey for diabetics are the following:

Some studies have proven the effectiveness of honey in healing wounds.

Studies have also confirmed its contribution to the treatment of cases of the diabetic foot that do not accept treatment, and this occurs as a result of its antibacterial properties and can treat tissues.

It also provides various antioxidant effects.

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