How many calories are in an apricot?

 How many calories are in an apricot?

How many calories are in an apricot?

Apricot is one of the summer fruits that are beneficial to human health. Some people wonder about the possibility of eating it in the diet, for fear that its calories are high, which leads to weight gain.

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In the following report, Conselto reviews the number of calories in apricots, according to the websites Nutritionix and Very Wellfit.

calories in apricots

Fresh apricots are characterized by their low calories, but they differ according to the amount consumed, as shown below:

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One apricot "35 grams": 17 calories.

Two apricots "70 grams": 35 calories.

3 apricots (100 - 105 grams): 48 to 51 calories, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

On the other hand, the calories in apricots if they are dried may rise to 241 calories per 100 grams.

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Nutritional value of apricots

When you eat one apricot, the body gets the following nutrients:

0.1 g of fat.

3.2 grams of sugars.

3.9 grams of carbohydrates

- 0.7 grams of fiber.

0.5 grams of protein

0.3 milligrams of sodium.

91 mg of potassium.

13% of the RDA for Vitamin A.

5.8% of Vitamin C.

- 0.3% of calcium.

- 0.8% iron

Benefits of apricots for weight loss

The low calories in apricots are not the only reason that makes it one of the suitable fruits in the diet, but there are other more important factors, namely:

Apricots help control appetite, thanks to their good content of dietary fiber, which contributes to a feeling of satiety and fullness for long hours, thus reducing daily calorie consumption.

Apricot plays a major role in resisting the feeling of lethargy associated with the diet, due to its richness in carbohydrates, which provide the body with energy, vitality, and activity.

- Followers of low-fat diets can eat apricots without worrying because the percentage of fat available in it is very small.

Apricots do not require high-intensity physical exertion to burn calories, which can be eliminated by walking for 3 minutes, running for 2 minutes, or cycling for 2 minutes.

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However, apricots should be eaten in moderation, because excessive amounts may cause:

Irritation of the large intestine, especially in patients with irritable bowel syndrome.

Allergy symptoms, such as itching, redness of the skin, swelling of the throat, and shortness of breath.

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