How much time do I need to lose 10 kilos?

 How much time do I need to lose 10 kilos?

How much time do I need to lose 10 kilos?

How much time do I need to lose 10 kilos? This may be the first question that comes to your mind when thinking about losing your extra weight, and you may find promises from specialists to lose 5 kilograms in a week, then someone who increases and promises you six kilograms and then the number of kilograms continues to double. 

As if you are in an auction, diets here and there are increasing on each other, more kilograms in less time.

When does the body begin to lose weight during dieting?

Extreme diets, and those that are described as the miracle of our time, and any approach that promises you a quick weight loss makes empty promises because even if you lose weight due to deprivation that is harmful to your health, you will return and gain it quickly 

and certainly that losing water from the body is easy and therefore you will notice the difference on the scale, but losing fat and maintaining Your new weight is a difficult task.

When does weight loss appear?

Of course, science has not yet arrived at identifying the time or determining after how many days of the diet the weight will fall?, after how many weeks does the weight loss appear?, or how many months do you need to reach the ideal weight?, as this depends on the known rate of weight loss It is not the same for everyone. 

Many factors determine the speed or slowness of weight loss, such as gender, health status, and sports activities that a person engages in. Each person has a different metabolic rate, not to mention lifestyle, age, and psychological state.

 Weight loss is simply related to the number of calories consumed versus the number of calories burned. But it is not that easy because calories are not the same. According to experts, the number of calories that you must burn or not consume to lose one pound, or 0.4 kilograms, is 3,500 calories, meaning losing one kilogram is associated with 8,050 calories.

But recently, health experts have questioned the validity of these figures, and therefore they advise eliminating 500 calories per day by limiting the consumption of calorie-rich foods or through exercise, or a combination of both. 

But all of this cannot be done unless it is based on a correct basis, which is calculating the body mass index, and thus knowing the exact number of calories that you should consume daily, and thus determining the amount that you should not consume.

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Are calories the same?

Certainly not the same, for example, 100 calories of broccoli is definitely not the same as 100 calories of sweets and its effect on weight is completely different.

 Calories indeed have the same amount of energy in theory, each calorie contains 4184 joules, but when it comes to the body, it is different. 

The body has a very complex biochemical system that regulates energy levels. 

Since different foods contain different nutrients that affect the levels of hormones in the brain, including hunger hormones, their effect also varies.

If we take fructose and glucose as an example, they have the same chemical composition, but the body deals with them completely differently. 

Glucose can be metabolized by all tissues of the body, but fructose can only be done by the liver.

Another example shows the difference in calories and their effect on the body, as it is linked to the thermal effect and thus raises or lowers the metabolic rate. 

Proteins contain 4 calories per gram, but these calories are lost as heat when the body begins to digest them. The thermogenic effect of fat is between 2% to 3%. The thermogenic effect of carbohydrates is 6 to 8%, and proteins are 25 to 30%.

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How much time do I need to lose 10 kilos?

To answer your question, how long does it take to lose 10 kilos? without a doubt affects the time you need to lose weight. 

It's not just about the number of calories, but about their quality. For example, if you limit your consumption to 3,500 calories per day, but eat ice cream daily, weight loss, in this case, is much slower than if you were eating chicken.

The misconception spread on a global scale is that a calorie is a calorie regardless of its source. Perhaps this concept is what spoils the majority of diets.

If we assume that you eat foods rich in fiber, the absorption of calories here is less than in others, for example, 160 calories from almonds and 130 calories are consumed in the intestines because the bacteria present there use them as a source of energy to burn calories.

Proteins need twice as much energy to metabolize, and due to the high thermogenic effect we talked about, it reduces hunger hormones.

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how much time do I need to lose 10 kilos? Because everyone is different, but experts have made an estimate, which is to get rid of 2000 to 4000 calories based on the weight and size of the person. 

In general, if we calculate the time you need to lose weight according to the advice of 500 calories, 10 kilograms will need between 5 to 10 weeks.

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