Leukemia symptoms, causes, and treatment methods

 Leukemia symptoms, causes, and treatment methods

Leukemia symptoms, causes, and treatment methods

Leukemia is one of the most common diseases among children, and the causes of leukemia, or what is known as leukemia, have not yet been established, but some factors may increase the risk of developing cancer in the blood, such as genetic factors represented by genetic disorders. 

biological, constant exposure to radiation, and finally environmental pollution.

In this article, we will discuss in detail the most important causes and symptoms of leukemia, the most important methods of diagnosis, and how to treat it through experts from Duxpert Health.

Symptoms of leukemia

There are many symptoms of leukemia that a patient may feel in the event of leukemia, and through the following lines we will address the most common symptoms that a leukemia patient suffers from, which are as follows:

Exposure to fever or shivering.

Constant feeling of fatigue, weakness, and general weakness.

Frequent infections occur.

Loss of appetite or weight loss.

Swollen lymph nodes.

Enlargement of the liver and spleen.

Exposure to cases of bleeding or the appearance of some bruises on the body.

Experiencing shortness of breath during any physical activity or when climbing stairs

Small red spots appear on the skin.

 Excessive sweating, especially at night

Feeling of pain or sensitivity in the bones.

Symptoms of leukemia in women

We will mention the most common symptoms of leukemia in women through the following lines:

 Significant weight loss, as a result of digestive disorders and a feeling of fullness, and thus severe weight loss.

Changes in the size and shape of the breast, such as pain, redness, thickening of the breast skin, inflammation, and severe rash.

 Changes in skin color that may persist for a long period

 The feeling of bloating during the period, and its persistence for a long period, because leukemia may cause ovarian cancer, abdominal pain, and pelvic pain.

The appearance of blood in the stool or bleeding and the appearance of small blue spots under the skin.

  Constant feeling of tiredness and fatigue

Causes of leukemia

There may not be a clear cause of leukemia, but there may be some factors that can lead to leukemia, including the following:

Leukemia arises as a result of a defect in the bone marrow, and thus cancer moves from the marrow to the blood cells and then spreads to different parts and tissues of the body.

 Leukemia develops due to an overgrowth of white blood cells in the bone marrow. Leukemia affects women and children in large proportions.

People who have previously had cancer and who have had certain types of chemotherapy or radiotherapy to treat other types of cancer.

Having a genetic factor or a medical history, such as people with Down syndrome, increases the risk of developing leukemia.

Exposure to radioactive materials or certain chemicals.

Methods for diagnosing leukemia

There are several methods of diagnosing leukemia that the oncologist at Duxpert Health uses:

Complete blood test (CBC), where an examination is done for all types of cells to detect and note, if there is an emergency change in the normal numbers of blood cells, and the examination is performed on a blood smear from the patient for inspection and detection of any abnormal or incomplete cells the growth. 

Bone marrow biopsy, in which a sample of marrow is taken from the pelvic bones, using a rather long needle. 

This examination aims to determine the type, severity, and degree of leukemia. A sample of the spinal cord is taken, to help determine the extent of leukemia. 

Performing some radiological images, as is the case in (CT, MRI, and PET) to detect any signs of leukemia.

blood cancer treatment

The methods of treatment of leukemia that the oncologist follows at "Duxpert Health" vary according to the diagnosis of the case and based on which the optimal treatment method is determined:


Where the oncologist prescribes "Duxpert Health" a group of anti-cancer drugs, which are given intravenously or taken by mouth to enter the bloodstream, thus affecting cancer cells in most parts of the body.

 Doctors also use intralesional injections of the anticancer directly into the cerebrospinal fluid.


 It is used along with chemotherapy in some types of leukemia, as it emits high-energy rays capable of damaging cancer cells and preventing them from growing.

Radiation therapy for leukemia can also be given in one of two ways:

In the first method, the doctor directs radiation to a specific area of ​​the body where a group of leukemia cells is present, such as the spleen or testicles, and the other method is where radiation is directed to the whole body, usually used before a bone marrow transplant.

biological therapy

It is a type of leukemia treatment, which depends on treatment with substances that affect the immune system's response to cancer, such as interferon, which is used against some types of leukemia.

stem cell transplant

the age of the patient, the stage the disease has reached, the degree and type of injury, and the treatment method used. 

In all cases, the cure rate may increase, the faster and more efficient the treatment, and the cure rate in some types of cancer can reach 100%, especially in healthy people. 

and high physical strength who receive treatment in the early stages of the disease.

In the end

At the end of this article, we recommend seeking medical help if there are no changes in the body and feeling the symptoms of leukemia mentioned earlier. 

Treatment at Duxpert Health focuses primarily on the diagnosis and treatment of leukemia symptoms and how to control the symptoms associated with it.

It was also clarified in this article about the methods of treating leukemia and its most important causes through "Duxpert Health", and if you encounter any question or inquiry, do not hesitate to send it to be answered as soon as possible.

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