Loss of erection in the morning: causes and treatments

 Loss of erection in the morning: causes and treatments

Loss of erection in the morning: causes and treatments

Morning erections are healthy and normal for men, but sometimes a man may experience a loss of erection in the morning.

Morning erections usually occur in men just before waking up or immediately after waking up, which is involuntary to test the health of the penis, and this test occurs frequently in most men.

Now let's learn about the causes and treatments for losing an erection in the morning:

Reasons for losing an erection in the morning

Here are the main reasons for losing an erection in the morning:

Excess weight: 

The excess weight prevents blood flow to various organs normally, including the penis, and thus suffers from loss of erection in the morning.


High blood sugar affects the normal flow of the penis, and this also affects the erection during intercourse.

Anxiety and stress: 

There is a close relationship between psychological stress that leads to feelings of anxiety and tension and the occurrence of an erection, as cortisol rises in a man and in turn affects his sexual health and leads to erectile dysfunction.

Hormonal imbalance: 

Any imbalance or deficiency in the secretion of the male hormone testosterone will affect the occurrence of an erection in a man.

Coronary Arterial Diseases: 

Because the arteries are the ones that deliver blood to all parts of the body when blockages or hardening and other problems occur in the arteries, blood flow will be affected and the erection will be difficult.

Morning erection loss treatment

According to the reason why this erection does not occur, the health problem can be identified and the appropriate treatment for it. 

For example, if the cause is a lack of testosterone, the man should visit a doctor and start treating this problem.

Also, the loss of an erection in the morning caused by arterial diseases means that there is a major health problem that deserves immediate intervention to treatment. 

The lack of nocturnal erections may indicate some other problems, such as impotence, or diabetes, which are diseases that require treatments prescribed by a specialist doctor.

In general, some tips must be followed to maintain an erection in a man, including:

Getting rid of excess weight: 

You must start following a diet and exercise to get rid of this excess that hinders the occurrence of an erection.

Getting rid of anxiety and tension: 

It requires a person to stay away from the sources of this anxiety and get the amount of rest and sleep he needs daily.

Avoid smoking: 

Smoking is one of the factors that affect men's sexual health and impede erection in general.

Eating healthy foods: 

This is essential to increase sexual ability and strengthen erection; Because the body needs all the nutrients that give it health, especially vitamins and minerals found in vegetables and fruits.

Causes of morning erections

This morning erection occurs naturally for several reasons, including:

Bladder full with urine: 

Morning erections can occur as a result of urine retention during sleep and the bladder not emptying.

Rapid eye movement: 

the time during which a man is absorbed in his sleep, brain activity and nerve stimulation occurs to cause an erection.

Impotence drugs: 

The chances of a morning erection increase if you take drugs to treat impotence, as well as sexual stimulants.

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