Lupine body scrub

Lupine body scrub

A body scrub is one of the important things for females, as it works to rejuvenate skin cells, soften the skin and tighten it. 

In the following, we will learn about a new and very useful method, which is a lupine scrub for the body, and we will also address its many benefits for the skin, and how to prepare it in easy and simple steps:

Lupine body scrub ingredients:

4 tablespoons of lupine flour or ground lupine.

4 tablespoons of sugar.

A tablespoon of coarse salt.

5 drops of rose oil.

5 drops of cinnamon oil.

5 drops of bitter almond oil.

A teaspoon of lupine oil.

How to apply lupine body scrub:

Mix lupine powder, sugar, and salt with rose oil, cinnamon oil, bitter almond oil, and lupine oil well until the sugar dissolves in the oil.

Apply the mixture to your body and massage for five minutes.

Wash your body well with lukewarm water.

Repeat this recipe four times a week to get a great result.

Benefits of lupine scrub for the body:

Remove dead body cells.

Clean the skin of dirt and fat accumulated in it.

Skin softening and whitening.

Fight the signs of aging of the skin.

Lupine contributes to tightening the skin and preventing its sagging.

Lupine works to lighten dark spots and fight melasma.

Lupine moisturizes the skin and gives it the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Lupine contains antioxidants that enable it to fight wrinkles.

Apply a lupine scrub to the body; To enjoy a body with smooth, tight, and moist skin free of spots, melasma, wrinkles, and dead cells, you will be a pure and attractive example for those around you. 

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