Magical ice cubes to treat oily skin problems

 Magical ice cubes to treat oily skin problems

Have you ever thought that ice cubes are the magic solution for your oily skin?

Magical ice cubes to treat oily skin problems

The benefits of ice cubes are numerous, most notably closing the pores and giving the face a more youthful appearance.

Here are the benefits of ice cubes if you have oily skin:

1 - Make sure in the early morning, before applying make-up, that you wipe the face with pieces of ice; To close pores and prevent make-up from melting.

2 - In the middle of the day, when you are about to adjust your makeup, pass the ice cube again, but this time wraps it in white gauze.

3 - If your skin is in a state of severe redness and irritation from the sun's rays, resort to cutting ice to wipe the face with it.

4 - Before going to sleep, rinse the face with the appropriate lotion, and then pass the pieces of ice on your face; To prevent your face from getting greasy while you sleep.

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