Male Sexual Health Myths: Don't Believe Them

 Male Sexual Health Myths: Don't Believe Them

Myths about sexual health in men are very numerous, but your turn comes when you hear about them, so you should not believe everything that is said, follow the article to find out the truth.

We hear a lot of information and advice about sexual health, but some of it is wrong and should not be believed, so this article will be devoted to mentioning a list of myths about sexual health in men, that you should not believe:

Myths about male sexual health

Learn the following

Male Sexual Health Myths: Don't Believe Them

about the most common myths about men's sexual health:

1. The size of the penis is the most important

Many people believe that the sexual power of a man is related to the size of the penis, and if it is small, the amount of pleasure between spouses will decrease.

This belief is wrong, as the penis may be of a large size, but the man has a health problem that hinders enjoyment, in turn, it can be shorter in length but in good health.

2. Delayed ejaculation indicates sexual health

Myths about sexual health in men One of them is that delaying ejaculation indicates sexual health, and this is not true.

Intercourse doesn't need to be long to enjoy enjoyment. This differs between each spouse and others. 

Because other factors can make the couple enjoy intimate practice and extend its duration.

It is normal for the duration of penetration to range from 4 - 5 minutes as a maximum and therefore delayed ejaculation has nothing to do with sexual health.

But if a man suffers from noticeably premature ejaculation, he should see a doctor find out the reasons.

3. An erection always indicates a desire

Erection always refers to desire. This is not true. A man can have a sexual erection at different times. 

This may not be related to sexual desire. There is a so-called morning erection, which is normal for many men.

Also, an erection may indicate a health problem if it is excessive and persistent.

4. Ejaculation means orgasm

Myths about male sexual health, including the myth that ejaculation means to orgasm.

The truth is that in some cases, ejaculation can occur without orgasm, but it is more likely that orgasm occurs shortly before ejaculation.

It is worth noting that ejaculation is a biological process that occurs in a man, while orgasm is related to the brain region.

5. Condoms hinder pleasure

Many couples resort to using condoms, which help reduce the chances of pregnancy as well as prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

But some think that condoms will reduce the pleasure of the couple, and this is due to choosing a condom that is not suitable in size and shape, and when choosing the right condom will not reduce sexual pleasure.

6. A man's excess desire means illness

Myths about men’s sexual health, one of which is that a man thinks about sex every 7 seconds, this is an unbelievable myth, however, a man thinks about a woman more sexually, which makes him more inclined to intimate practice, and this is because of the following:

The sexual arousal experienced by a man.

Intense love for his wife and his enjoyment of having sex with her.

7. Not having an erection indicates that the husband does not love his wife

Sometimes the penis does not respond to sexual arousal, and this is due to many factors that do not mean the existence of a health problem, such as stress, anxiety, etc., and it has nothing to do with the extent of love between spouses.

If this is temporary and not frequent, there is no need to worry, but if erectile dysfunction or lack thereof is permanent, you should consult a doctor.

last word

The most prominent mentioned is circulating myths about sexual health in men, but there are more and more of these myths, so they should not be listened to and heard, but the correct and scientific information should be sought.

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