My experience with coconut oil for slimming is impressive and fast results

My experience with coconut oil for slimming is impressive and fast results

My experience with coconut oil for slimming is impressive and fast results

My experience with coconut oil for slimming, restored my self-confidence when I went through this experience, changed my body for the better and got rid of all the stubborn fats that are hard to break without any diet or deprivation, and a decreased in meals,

My Experience with Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

Obesity is one of the most common diseases that kill its owner and causes many diseases, making him lose confidence in himself and his inability to wear the attractive clothes that he hopes to wear, and he is unable to do so. Because of its great weight.

Coconut oil contains natural nutrients and antioxidants that compensate the body and help it burn the largest amount of fat. 

It contributes to the production of energy that reduces appetite and many calories that increase fat production and retention in the stomach without being digested.

Benefits of my experience with coconut oil for slimming

Improves and enhances metabolism.

It can improve metabolism.

It suppresses the appetite and reduces the feeling of hunger, which helps to reduce the amount of food.

Reduces waist circumference.

Removes belly and buttocks fat, especially postpartum fat.

It works to lose weight quickly and significantly.

Prevents chronic diseases associated with obesity.

It gets rid of the rumen and works to tighten loose skin.

Increases the activity of the thyroid gland responsible for burning activity in the body.

It provides the body with energy and activity and makes you radiate by warming up and raising the body temperature, which reduces fat significantly.

It raises the level of good cholesterol in the body.

Helps rid cells of accumulated toxins.


How to use coconut oil to lose weight

You can take it early in the morning when you wake up directly on an empty stomach by taking one tablespoon of it and taking it before chewing or drinking any type of food and taking it about 20 minutes before a meal.

Or you can add it to salad dishes and put it in food as an alternative to olive oil.

Or, put it in a glass full of hot herbs like cinnamon, mint, ginger, and other of your favorite herbal beverage, stir well to blend, and have it before breakfast or after dinner as a sweetener.

Or you can put a spoonful of it in a cup of unsweetened coconut milk and drink it in the morning or before bed.

You can also add it to smoothies, cakes, bread, grilled vegetables, and any meals of your choice.

To achieve a positive result and lose weight quickly, you must follow a healthy balanced diet with daily exercise, while avoiding sugars and starches and eating them in very small quantities.

Some instructions and guidelines when buying coconut oil

You have to choose the best brand of oil, which is the organic virgin coconut oil, and you must make sure that it is pure and not subjected to any manufacturing processes to get all the nutrients and nutritional properties and not store it for more. of two years.

How to make coconut oil at home

You have to bring the famous coconut and peel it well and remove the outer layer of the fruit.

After that, you will have the white part on the inside. Grate it well and put it in a bowl.

Pour boiling water over it and leave it to cool.

After heating it, we squeeze it well so that it produces a white substance called natural coconut milk.

The remaining water remains until the morning and we will notice the sedimentation of the oil on the surface of the water, then it is separated and placed in a bottle and used with ease.

Store in a cool place away from temperatures and before you start using it we take it out of the refrigerator until we get rid of its cooling because it is one of the oils that freezes easily.

Coconut oil side effects for weight loss

Excessive consumption of coconut oil may cause some side effects such as:

It has an opposite reaction to the bowel movement, causing severe diarrhea.

Excessive consumption may cause some acne to appear on the skin.

It May cause skin irritation, itching, or excessive redness for people with allergies.

Therefore, beware of taking coconut oil doses to avoid the previous symptoms that were mentioned and before starting medical tests to make sure you have any allergies.

In conclusion, we have now come to the end of the article for today, and we hope that we have provided you with absolute information and information to you, and goodbye, my dear friends, in a news article that satisfies you, and may God entrust you.

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