My experience with the honey and lemon face mask... did it save me from face pimples?

 My experience with the honey and lemon face mask... did it save me from face pimples?

Without any prior warning, pimples popped up all over my face...it bothered me to the point that my fingertips didn't stop touching them, trying to get rid of them the wrong way. 

For several days, it did not leave my skin, and every time I stood in front of the mirror, I found it sitting in its place, and I even felt that its size increased relatively. 

Then, I decided to resort to a natural recipe that is easy to apply and prepare to get rid of it.

My experience with the honey and lemon face mask... did it save me from face pimples?

I went to the kitchen, prepared a honey-lemon mask, and applied it not only to pimples but decided to massage my entire face. 

After about 20 minutes, I washed my face with lukewarm water, hoping to see significant improvement.

The result?! The blisters have shrunk, the redness is gone, and they've even dried up. Surprisingly, I felt that my skin became more fresh and radiant, as honey is known for its moisturizing benefits.

If the result is amazing from just one use of this mask, I wonder what would happen if you applied it at least once a week?!

Lemon and honey mask

Benefits of Honey for the skin

- Honey gives the skin freshness and softness, whitens it, and rids it of many problems such as pimples and tartars.

It is considered one of the most important substances for brightening the skin and ridding it of bacteria and germs because it has properties that fight infections and infectious diseases in the inner layers of the skin, as it cleans the skin and removes dirt and stuck dust.

Honey whitens the skin naturally and safely, as it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that are important to nourish the skin.

Honey treats oily skin, which is one of the most acne-prone skin types. 

It increases the skin's absorption of excess oils and fats in the skin, combats dryness of the skin, and gives it strength and health.

Honey is used as a skin moisturizer, as honey has many substances that maintain skin moisture and protect it from drying out.

One of the benefits of honey for the skin is that it contains antioxidants that act as a protector to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays when exposed to it. 

Frequent and large exposure to these rays may cause damage to the skin and its cells, accelerating the appearance of signs of aging on the skin.

Treats eczema and other diseases, as honey regenerates skin cells.

Lemon benefits for skin

Lemon contains vitamin C, which is responsible for stimulating the process of cell renewal, and antioxidants that are useful for a brightening face.

Lemon can clean and exfoliate the skin, which contributes to lightening the face and removing spots and pigmentation.

Lemon treats acne and reduces the appearance of scars and spots because it contains ascorbic acid, vitamins, and antibacterial properties that fight bacteria.

How to prepare a mixture of honey and lemon:

Mix half a squeezed lemon with two tablespoons of honey to get a homogeneous liquid mixture.

- Wash your face and then apply the mixture to it using a cotton pad (do not exfoliate your skin before applying lemon to it, as this step will damage it and make it sensitive).

Leave the lemon and honey mask on your face for 15-20 minutes before washing it with cold water to close the pores, then gently dry your face.

Do this aesthetic step every morning or evening, and then apply a moisturizing cream after that.

The results of using a honey and lemon mask on the skin

- Unify skin tone and whiten it naturally.

- Cleansing and cleansing the skin.

Drying and eliminating pimples.

- Reducing the size of the pores.

Soften dry skin.

Eliminate redness and moisturize the face.

- Make the skin bright and glowing.

Eliminate harmful bacteria on the skin.

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