Natural ways to enhance sexual arousal between spouses

 Natural ways to enhance sexual arousal between spouses

Natural ways to enhance sexual arousal between spouses

The sexual relationship between spouses needs many things to enhance it, and it is possible to resort to natural ways to enhance sexual arousal between spouses, we will introduce you to them in the following:

Some couples may resort to drugs and sexual stimulants to obtain happiness temporarily during their intimate relationship, and they do not know that these drugs have health risks in the future. 

Therefore, attention and focus should be given to natural ways to enhance the sexual relationship between spouses.

Natural ways to enhance the sexual relationship between spouses

Here is a group of natural ways to enhance the sexual relationship between spouses without harming health in the following:

1. Eat stimulating foods

There is a group of foods that help stimulate the feeling of sexual desire between spouses, as it:

Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which also contains antioxidants, and improve sexual performance.

Avocado is useful for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, as it contains vitamin E with antioxidant properties, potassium, and vitamin B6, which are important to overcome sexual problems.

Almonds are one of the most important food items that are useful in enhancing desire between spouses. 

They contain selenium, which helps treat infertility, as well as zinc, which contributes to the production of sex hormones in men.

It is preferable not to increase some foods that weaken sexual desire, such as foods that contain a large proportion of saturated fats and cholesterol, such as fatty meat, fried foods, and fast food in general.

It is recommended to eat dark chocolate before having sexual intercourse because of its great importance in arousing lust and a feeling of happiness.

2. Doing sports

Many people ignore exercise despite its great importance in obtaining the activity and energy needed for all tasks, including the practice of intimacy, as it:

Exercise increases the feeling of sexual arousal as it helps in the blood flow to the genital nerves, thus enhancing the erection process in a man.

Sport contributes to relieving stress, tension, and anxiety and improving the mood, which the spouses rely heavily on to strengthen the relationship between them.

Exercising greatly helps in treating sexual problems, such as coldness, and impotence, as well as the problem of premature ejaculation.

Endurance sports are among the most prominent sports that promote the production of hormones that stimulate sexual ability, such as: running, swimming, and to improve the mood and psychological state, yoga, and Pilates are recommended.

3. Pay attention to the time of intimacy

Among the natural ways to enhance the sexual relationship between spouses is to pay attention to the timing of the intimate relationship, as this special relationship between the spouses must be prioritized and not neglected or neglected.

Sometimes the couple’s preoccupation with work or caring for the children leads to the postponement of the sexual relationship time and time again until the spouses get used to the absence of this practice as a basis in their lives.

Many factors fall under this, such as: taking enough sleep so that the spouses do not feel lazy, not inclined to have sexual encounters, as well as organizing time so that they have time for this practice.

Simple things that help increase sexual desire

In addition to natural ways to enhance the sexual relationship between the spouses mentioned above, some simple things increase the feeling of sexual desire between spouses, namely:

Maintain personal hygiene, as each of the spouses must pay attention to personal hygiene well, as lack of hygiene leads to aversion, and perfume has a great effect in increasing the excitement between the spouses.

Get massage sessions, where a body massage using essential oils helps stimulate blood circulation in the body, thus enhancing sexual arousal.

Talking with the partner and strengthening the life relationship, the sexual relationship cannot become ideal without a permanent dialogue and participation in all life matters between the spouses.

Create a romantic atmosphere at home, such as: decorating the bedroom with candles and perfuming them. 

This atmosphere increases romance and love between spouses and leads to a better sexual relationship.

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