Potato diet for weight loss

You probably never thought that you could lose weight with potatoes. But, what if you knew that the potato diet is one of the most beneficial types of diet?

Potato diet for weight loss

Here are the details:


1 - For breakfast, boil a medium-sized potato, and eat it with a small box of yogurt.

2 - For lunch, prepare a potato tray with chicken or minced meat and vegetables. Let all vegetables be boiled, and do not fry any of them.

3 - In the evening, for dinner, eat one mashed potato with a little skimmed milk and spices.

4 - You can also make potato salad and put it in the refrigerator; To eat when you feel hungry, or to replace it with a meal. 

Boil a potato and cut it into cubes, pour over it lemon juice, drops of olive oil, crushed garlic, and a quarter cup of yogurt.

5- Increase the intake of water, at least three to four liters, per day.

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