Reasons for dieting failure and effective ways to lose weight

 Reasons for dieting failure and effective ways to lose weight

It is unreasonable to torment yourself with exercise and eat nothing but salad throughout your day, and yet you will not lose weight at all. 

What is the relationship between lack of water and lack of sleep to weight gain? What is the best diet and exercise regime? Find out the reasons for your failure to lose weight.

Reasons for dieting failure and effective ways to lose weight

It is unrealistic to lose three kilograms in five days, so it is better to forget about such a goal because following a fast-food diet containing only 1,000 calories per day does not provide the body with all the nutrients it needs. 

Thus, the body's metabolism automatically consumes fewer nutrients from the body and enters a saving pattern, which means that losing weight becomes more difficult in the long run, and this is known as the "yo-yo" phenomenon.

It is advisable to follow a single exercise routine and not be limited to one type of exercise in the long run. Exercising, going to the gym, and exercising regularly are commendable. 

But the human body gets used to tolerating troubles and roughly every twelve weeks needs new stimuli. 

So try out new exercise equipment and practice a new fitness program each week. Then your metabolism will have new heights!

Do not exaggerate the sports enthusiasm and physical stress and do not rush the results. Some people

 - who don't usually exercise

 - are suddenly excited to lose weight by doing strenuous exercise for many hours a day and thus exhausting the body, but this can be counterproductive. 

So avoid over-excitement and sudden stress on the body, and allow your body to adapt to the new stress and burn calories and gradually increase physical performance.

Avoid eating at the wrong times

Life’s worries and obligations may take you away and distract you from caring for your food. 

In the morning, you have to attend a long meeting, and in the afternoon, important work must be done before its deadline, and crowded preoccupations force you to eat only light meals during the day from time to time. 

But eating snacks at random times causes a problem for the body. In general, not eating leads to a lack of blood sugar in your body and you have a strong desire to eat food, so you try to compensate for this through snacks at random times. 

Thus, the body is constantly busy digesting snacks - even if they are healthy and nutritious - and the body does not have the opportunity to burn the spare fat in them. 

So one should train oneself to eat in the morning, noon, and evening regularly and at specific times.

Drink a lot of water

The lack of water and the lack of fluid in your body leads to a slowdown in the function of the kidneys, which are responsible for removing toxins from the body. 

When the water in the body decreases, the liver supports the kidneys in their work, and thus the liver is distracted from its function, which plays a role in the metabolism and fat loss process. 

Thus, the lever retracts the function of reducing fat in exchange for its support for the kidneys, due to the lack of water in the body. 

This means that the extra kilograms remain in the body. The German Dietetic Association recommends drinking at least 1.5 liters of water per day. 

By the way, there are free fitness apps for smartphones that help you remember to drink a glass of water regularly.

In addition, the factors that lead to indigestion should be avoided. Reducing body fat, strengthening the immune system, and approaching thinness are also associated with the intestines and indigestion in them. 

When the intestines are exposed to work pressure (for example: due to excessive intake of sugar, milk, grains, and soft drinks), the intestine responds with symptoms of pain, constipation, bloating, and a feeling of satiety that makes you lose the desire to exercise. Therefore: Avoid daily psychological stress, eat in a balanced manner and chew food properly, to avoid indigestion in the intestines, according to the Bild website.

Sleep rejuvenates the body

Studies have shown that too little sleep leads to weight gain. And when you succeed in sleeping from seven to nine hours a day, you thus reduce the level of cortisol (a hormone secreted when exposed to stress), 

which is responsible for increasing appetite, weight, and storing fat in the abdomen and waist, and leads to rumen obesity. 

Good sleep also increases the secretion of growth hormone (somatropin), which helps reduce body fat. From this, we conclude that losing weight while sleeping is not a myth!

Eating high-fiber foods is very beneficial because fiber-containing foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains - such as brown rice and oats, take care of digestion and make you feel light and energized, and give you a pleasant feeling of satiety. 

Here, nutrition experts advise the need to diversify nutrition, because the body gets tired and bored of eating the same foods always, as it gets used to these foods and therefore does not burn fat as much as it can actually do. 

Therefore, one should not eat the same type of salad every day but should diversify his food from day to day and also eat some foods containing carbohydrates that should not be eaten in abundance usually, and some advise to eat, exceptionally, a lot of food in one day single. 

This breaks the body's inertia and pushes it towards burning more calories.

Avoid stress

Psychological stress leads to the secretion of the hormone cortisol in the body, which results in weakening the muscles and preventing fat loss. 

Therefore, the level of psychological stress should be reduced, for example: listening to music through headphones, looking for 20 seconds from the office window at a distance, and preparing a list of work and daily life tasks to be accomplished, so that you have a better overview of things. 

It is also worth doing favorite hobbies, meeting up with friends in the evening, or going to the gym.

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