Reasons for low libido in men

 Reasons for low libido in men

Reasons for low libido in men

There are many reasons for low libido in men, and in the following article, we will explain the most important and most prominent of these reasons.

In the following article, we will learn about the most prominent and most important causes of low libido in men:

Reasons for low libido in men

There are many reasons for low desire in men, and the most important and most prominent reasons for low desire in men are as follows:

1. Performance anxiety and exclusion by women

Some wives may pose a form of threat to their men with sentences that make them feel that he is not a man and cause them to insult him, and the best example of this is when the man experiences difficulties in sexual performance, such as premature ejaculation, or erectile dysfunction.

Some women humiliate the man and make deliberately offensive comments about his impotence, erectile dysfunction, or the man’s inability to satisfy their desires due to premature ejaculation. 

Next time he may not be able to perform sexually at all due to fear of the wife's reactions.

In this case, the woman has to make some changes to help her husband regain his masculinity and pride. 

Together, the two must go through a process of change in which the wife learns how to contain her husband, be patient with him, and even help him by training together on exercises that can strengthen his erection, Restore his pride and even prolong sex.

2. Connecting love with sex

Some men do not have sex with a woman except when they feel the emotion of love towards her, as many men say that a woman’s external appearance and attractiveness are not enough for them to have sex with her, and some claim that a man’s lust only comes when he has an emotional relationship with her, they understand They do not want to have sex with her because there is no intimacy between the loving couple.

3. Relationship with the partner

Men say that sometimes they may refuse to have sex because of the partner himself. The lack of lust in a man can stem from several reasons in the wife, including:

She is not cheerful, sarcastic, selfish, or insulting, and wants to have sex when it is convenient for her.

Her outward appearance is not elegant and her body smells foul.

Lack of information regarding her sexually transmitted diseases.

It's boring, everything is fixed and predetermined, and it has no surprises.

Lack of sexual openness There is no communication with her in bed, and you cannot tell her what she loves? And to hear from her what she likes and what her sexual fantasies are?

It is very important to know that men who have not had sex for a long time may have decreased libido as well as sexual performance, and this is one of the most important causes of decreased libido in a man.

Lust in men and menopause

Menopause begins around the middle of their 40s, they enter a phase of depression and begin to think about what they have achieved in their lives so far and where they have come, afraid of approaching old age, the possibility of impotence, and dissatisfaction, Failure to achieve dreams begins to appear and undermine their daily lives.

During this period, the man suffers from lack of sleep, decreased lust in men and sexual performance, going to the endocrinologist and doing a simple blood test that may show lower than normal levels of testosterone, and a simple diagnosis indicates the occurrence of menopause syndrome in men.

Some men deny all the data and ignore the symptoms, and some hide because of shame and ignorance and do not search for a cure for this problem, and some men may blame the wife and break up the happy marriage relationship that lasted about 20-30 years.

A self-confident man treats the symptoms brought on by this syndrome and deals with it by adopting a treatment recommendation, such as:

Changing the dietary lifestyle.

Weight reduction.

Drinking a lot of water.

Cut back on hot drinks.

Use of some types of medication.

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