Reasons for not losing weight

Reasons for not losing weight

Despite following a healthy diet and committing to exercise, you can't lose weight? what are you thinking about? 

In this article, you will learn the reasons why you may not lose weight that you may not have thought of.

In many cases, a person is keen to maintain an appropriate diet with an exercise program and aims to lose weight from all this, however, the results are not encouraging despite taking all necessary precautions.

Perhaps you are excited to know the reasons for not losing weight, which we will talk about in more detail in this article:

What are the reasons for not losing weight?

There are several reasons that you may or may not consider, but they cause you not to lose weight, we mention here the most important of them:

1. The number of hours of sleep

There is a general rule that says that an increase is as a decrease, as both an increase and a decrease in the number of hours of sleep are attributed as one of the most important reasons for not losing weight.

As a result of not sleeping enough hours, you will become lethargic and lazy, which prevents you from doing exercise this is one of the reasons for not losing weight, and the hormones responsible for appetite change negatively if the number of hours of sleep increases or decreases.

2. Not drinking enough water

Many people resort to drinking soft drinks that contain high amounts of sugar, in addition to drinking juice and coffee, all of which contain a lot of sugar, and therefore calories.

But drinking enough water helps with satiety and curbs the appetite, especially when drinking it before meals, and thus stays away from drinks full of calories.

Water is completely devoid of calories and helps to burn more of them in the body, so not drinking enough water is one of the most important reasons for not losing weight.

3. Meal spacing

The spacing of meals is one of the most important reasons for not losing weight. When you space your meals, your appetite, and hunger increase, so you eat larger quantities.

The most important reason, which is better to know, is that when you space between meals, the speed of your metabolism slows down, which helps in weight gain, so make sure to eat several meals with a time difference that is not far away.

4. Takeaway food

One of the most common reasons for not losing weight is eating out, and some may think that when they eat healthy foods outside the home they can lose weight.

What may surprise you is that this belief is wrong, as preparing food at home with the knowledge of calories helps in losing weight even more.

5. Immobility

Relaxing and sitting all the time is one of the reasons for not losing weight, as some people are obligated to a desk job that requires them to sit most of the time.

But this does not prevent you from taking a few breaks for walking, as this helps in losing weight.

6. Stress and psychological pressure

Stress and psychological pressure affect the normal nature of life, as it causes lethargy and a lack of exercise, and stress and psychological pressure increase the appetite for sugary foods and foods full of calories.

Therefore, stress and psychological pressure are one of the most important reasons for not losing weight.

7. Slow metabolism

The percentage of metabolic processes decreases with age, which reduces the possibility of losing weight. To avoid this, exercise should be maintained.

8. Days off

Many people who follow a healthy diet break this diet at the end of the week.

Breaking the diet for two days a week is one of the reasons for not losing weight.

9. Drinking alcohol

Drinking more than one glass of alcohol per day is cause for concern, as this does not reduce the possibility of losing weight, but rather increases the chance of you gaining weight.

10. Thyroid problems

If you regularly exercise with a healthy diet and do not lose weight, the problem could be hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism is one of the reasons for not losing weight, and the person with it increases weight due to the accumulation of salts and fluids.

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