Recipes to increase their faces in men: get to know them

 Recipes to increase their faces in men: get to know them

Recipes to increase their faces in men: get to know them

The wings raised many questions obtained from citizenship for thousands of years.

Significantly sexual relations. Here is a list of recipes for results in men in the following lines:

Recipes to increase height for men

This was originally mentioned in the case of men, but they came from her share due to the state of the man’s sexuality:

1. Foods that are ready to make noise

The course presented in the course is published, and women and women are represented.

Especially on erection, heart health, and the way it has been taken to increase metabolism,


That is, it can make the previous graph. It makes the previous graph, because it is re-represented in the figure, because of the reinvestment of blood.

dark chocolate

Dark chocolate increases levels of serotonin (serotonin) and dopamine (dopamine) in the brain, making people happy and less stressed, two things that enhance sexuality.

Another theory is that cocoa increases blood flow through the arteries and relaxes the blood in all the right areas.


Hot pepper increases metabolism and stimulates endorphins (endorphins), which make a man sweat and his heart rate swells, and this causes blood to grow to all the essential areas.


Oysters are packed with zinc, a testosterone-boosting hormone (testosterone) while simultaneously increasing growth hormone, both of which promote muscle growth and physical performance.

2. Delicious foods

The items you break down are foods that originally make them look good.


Sexual attraction in history for its space, zinc is 200 dollars, such as the US dollar

Cell metabolism.


Regulating levels of testosterone regulation.

other foods

There are other causes in the body, namely:



red meat

Fortified breakfast cereals.

pine nuts;

3. Foods that maintain erection and desire

When the reason is often present.

blood flow to and growth in the penis

Side effects of some medications.

Depression, anxiety, and stress.

Among the foods that maintain and increase erection:


citrus fruits.


Green tea.

Red wine.

Adequate sleep must also be obtained; To improve the condition and sexual desire of men.

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