Small penis: here's the most important information

 Small penis: here's the most important information

Small penis: here's the most important information

Many men think that their genitals are not sexy enough, so in this article, we provide you with important details about a small penis.

In the following, we will address a topic that bothers many men, which is the size of the penis, and their fear that they have a small penis compared to others:

small penis

The scientific definition of a small penis is that of no more than 2 centimeters in length when flaccid and up to 6 centimeters when erect, and with a circumference of no more than 7 centimeters.

The size of the penis is determined genetically, as the male is born with a set of data, including the size of the penis, which grows and develops at the age of 10-14 so that in this generation the testicles begin to grow, pubic hair grows, the penis enlarges and develops in terms of length and circumference in the later.

At the beginning of puberty, the length of the penis can reach 4.5 - 9 centimeters, and at the end of this stage it may range between 9 - 15 centimeters, and accordingly, it is preferable for young people to wait between one to two years after they stop growing so that they can determine the size of the final penis.

Regarding penis size, men can be divided roughly into two groups:

Men who have a short, chubby, and flexible penis in a flaccid state, and in this group the penis becomes much larger when erected.

Men with a penis that is long and impressive when flaccid, which hardly changes shape when erect, but becomes hard and arched.

Is a small penis a common problem?

No, small penises are not a common problem, but many men tend to judge the size of their penis incorrectly and critically. They may compare the size of their penis to some people they see in pornography, which is not a true measure.

It is worth noting that the small penis syndrome must be separated from the very small penis, and this difference will be explained in the following:

Small Penis Syndrome

It is a syndrome that shows a small penis size since birth, as statistics indicate that about 0.6% of the population suffers from this syndrome.

One of the factors that lead to the development of this condition is an imbalance in the hormonal and chromosomal system during pregnancy.

This problem can be treated by an endocrinologist.

small penis

It is a condition that cannot be diagnosed at birth. The penis is of a normal size during childbirth. 

However, upon puberty and the onset of an erection, the penis size appears to be small and not of the previously mentioned lengths.

What are the specialized procedures and treatments for small penis enlargement?

The desire of some men to have a large and impressive penis has led to the development of the field of penis enlargement, and several techniques guarantee small penis enlargement, most notably:

1. Vacuum devices

Vacuum devices treat impotence, but they temporarily enlarge the penis.

2. Penis enlargement surgeries

The operation provides the possibility of penis enlargement between 0.5-1.6 centimeters, as the surgeon cuts the ligament that keeps the penis in its normal position, thus enabling the penis to descend.

After this procedure, a traction or weight device is used for a few months to keep the magnification constant.

It must be taken into account that the surgery may leave scars in the skin tissue, that when erecting the penis will be directed downward and that the base of the penis will be hairy.

3. A cosmetic procedure to thicken or narrow the penis

This operation allows the possibility of enlarging the circumference and length of the penis by injecting fat taken from the body into the penis.

This technique has many limitations as the head of the penis - the glans - cannot be enlarged and looks a bit strange.

Facts you should know about the penis

Here are some important scientific facts about the penis:

Several factors may influence a man's misconception about a small penis, and among these factors: his inability to estimate the average size of the penis, as a man looks at his penis and examines it from above, excess obesity, and excessive hair may give the penis a false appearance as if it appears small.

There are misconceptions that men do not know about women, and one of them is that women feel more sexual pleasure when penetrating a thicker penis rather than a long one.

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