Steps to get rid of obesity

Practicing sports and making a program for it every week. Diversification in exercising targets more than one area in the body to burn fat, such as dedicating a day to running, a day to swimming…etc.

Steps to get rid of obesity

Spend daily necessities without the need to use transportation, if possible.

Use the bicycle as an alternative to the car whenever the opportunity arises.

Do a walk before bed for at least half an hour a day.

Practicing yoga and relaxation.

Practicing some acts of worship, such as fasting every Monday and Thursday of every week, fasting the white days of every month, fasting the month of Ramadan and reducing food as much as possible and needed...etc.

Stay away from foods saturated with fat in the evening, especially fast food.

Do not use herbal mixtures that affect the digestive system negatively, which leads to a worsening of the situation in the future.

Sleeping at a rate of seven to eight hours a day.

Include vegetable and fruit salads daily during meals and appetizers.

Calculating the obesity rate by dividing the weight by the square of the height in meters, so that the result is within international health standards.

Reducing the intake of fatty foods that increase your weight quickly, and not eating a lot of them, but only simply eating them so that your body benefits from them and is not exposed to weight gain, and these foods (meat, hamburgers, and meat broth).

Do not eat a lot of sweets and sugars, as they are among the foods that increase weight. It is enough to eat a few of them and according to your body’s needs only to benefit from the energy of sugars and not increase your weight.

Always make sure to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, they are very useful and provide your body with vitamins and strengthen the body and do not gain weight.

Do not neglect drinking water during your day and fluids in general, they help a lot in losing weight, and it is preferable to drink 88 cups a day to help yourself lose excess weight quickly.

Do not eat a lot of fried foods, which contain a lot of oils and fats, which increase weight quickly. Do not eat a lot of bread and rice, as they contain carbohydrates that increase weight significantly.

Make sure to eat fresh, healthy, fat-free foods such as: (vegetables, fruits, natural juices, and boiled foods instead of fried with oils.

Divide your meals during the day into three meals, for example: (in the morning a light breakfast and lunch, and at night eat fruits and vegetables). Organizing meal times helps you a lot in reducing your weight and maintaining a moderate weight.

After you eat, do not go to sleep immediately so that you do not gain weight and accumulate fat in your body. Rather, stay awake for at least an hour until the food is properly digested in your stomach, and then go to sleep.

Be sure to walk every day for about half an hour, to renew your activity, lose weight, and keep your body fit and beautiful.

It is preferable to exercise every day, as it helps a lot in losing weight.

You can have some drinks that help you lose weight quickly, such as: (ginger, lemon, and lemon juice). These drinks are known to reduce weight and make the body slimmer than before.

You must have the determination and determination to lose weight, challenge yourself and not give up from the beginning so that you do not gain more weight than before and suffer from problems in the future.

It is preferable to eat meat in a grilled way, because when grilled meat removes the fat that increases weight and benefits from the protein found in meat without increasing your weight.

If you suffer from overweight in a specific area of ​​your body, you can do special exercises to reduce weight from the abdominal area, for example, or the buttocks, and you should do them in a gym and under the supervision of a sports coach so that you do not perform any wrong exercises that harm your health or your body.

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