The best kind of honey

Honey contains many important nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and sugars, in addition to antioxidants with multiple benefits. 

The types of honey differ in terms of smell, color, and taste..etc. And due to the high prices of honey, some traders dilute and cheat honey, which prevents you from obtaining its benefits. 

Well-known, so in this article, we offer you the best types of honey, and the finest ones, so follow us.

The best kind of honey

The best and best types of honey

As we mentioned earlier, there are many types of honey with multiple benefits and so that you can buy the one that best suits you, below you will learn about the best and best types of honey:

1- Clover honey

Clover honey is one of the types of honey that is extracted from clover flowers, from May to mid-June. 

In the name of flavones, in addition to containing gums and covariant extracts, clover honey is known as one of the best types of honey, especially with its many benefits that include the following:

  • It gives the body the energy needed to complete daily tasks.
  • It controls and maintains the blood sugar level.
  • Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, and prevents diseases.
  • It works to prevent cancerous tumors and their risks.

2- Sidr mountain honey

Mountain Sidr honey, which is one of the best and most famous types of honey, is extracted from the nectar of Sidr trees found in Yemen. 

\Mountain Sidr honey is known as monochromatic honey, containing a large number of types of sugar that are beneficial to the body, including sucrose, maltose, and sugars. Short chains, fructose, and glucose.

There are many types of mountain Sidr honey according to the region in which the trees grow, and the most famous types are: Kashmiri honey, Yemeni honey, and Hadrami honey, which are the best in terms of quality and taste, as the benefits of Hadrami honey are varied as follows:

  • Reducing wrinkles, resisting aging, and signs of aging.
  • Get rid of fungal infections such as sinusitis.
  • Reducing pregnancy pain, and improving menstrual symptoms.
  • Strengthening the immune system, resisting viruses and microbes.
  • Treating erectile dysfunction in men, and improving their health.

3- Nigella sativa honey is the best type of honey

Nigella sativa honey is extracted from the nectar of nigella and is not mixed with it as some believe, as this type is known for the clear smell and flavor of nigella, in addition to its dark color, and this honey includes the benefits of this plant. It includes the following:

  • Strengthening the heart and arteries.
  • Enhance liver function.
  • Improving the urinary system.
  • Bladder congestion treatment.
  • Getting rid of a cough.
  • Purify the blood of toxins.
  • Reducing the incidence of nausea.
  • the disintegration of kidney stones.

4- Citrus honey

Citrus honey is honey extracted from citrus trees from the beginning of March until the end of April, so some call it citrus honey. 

And mandolin, and lemon, and tangerine, and bitter orange.

Citrus honey is characterized by its distinctive taste, light in sugar, and its unique golden color, and its smell is closer to citrus aromas. 

The benefits of citrus honey, they include the following:

  • Strengthen the immune system and protect against diseases.
  • Strengthen muscles and nerves, and prevent fragility.
  • Sleep deeply and get rid of the problem of the night insomnia.
  • Get rid of infections of the kidneys and bladder, and improve their work.
  • Reducing and treating acute anemia.
  • Getting rid of the problem of involuntary urination in young children.
  • Strengthen the work of the digestive system, and get rid of its problems.
  • Treating inflammation of the gums and throat, and cleansing the mouth of bacteria.
  • Strengthen memory and absorption, and stimulate mental abilities.
  • Important nutrients extracted from bees
  • In addition to the different types of honey, there are a group of important nutrients that are extracted from honey, including the following:

1- Bee gum

Propolis is beeswax mixed with bee saliva, and plant juice with some important substances extracted from tree buds, which is one of the best types of honey and has been used in folk medicine for more than 300 BC, as it was used as a medicinal substance to treat many diseases. 

Health problems and this glue is usually used to fill the gaps in the beehive to get the required size.

Propolis has been distinguished by its different colors that depend on some of the materials that bees collect from nature to manufacture, but it is often what is known as dark brown, and it has helped treat many health problems because it works to strengthen the immune system, and its benefits include what follows:

It moisturizes dry skin and helps heal ulcers and wounds.

It eliminates many types of fungi and bacteria, which improves overall health.

Treatment of internal diseases such as stomach and colon ulcers, hepatitis B virus, and duodenum.

It eliminates obesity and excess weight, in addition to treating joint and rheumatic diseases.

Propolis works to resist the fungi in the mouth, thus cleansing the gums, and treating ulcers.

It relieves you of seasonal allergies and improves ear, nose, and throat infections.

It strengthens the immune system and kills harmful cancer cells.

It treats low blood pressure and widens blood vessels and veins.

It helps regenerate skin cells, so it was used in the past as a treatment for burns.

It contains antioxidants and inflammation and relieves severe pain, whatever the causes.

It improves eyesight and protects the retina from potential diseases.

It helps in the treatment of active and underactive gland problems, especially with the thyroid and pituitary glands.

Propolis prevents stroke, treats tuberculosis, and relieves symptoms of AIDS.

extend And improves the hormonal imbalance by taking cortisone.

Skin diseases such as smallpox, melasma, eczema, psoriasis, and freckles.

Eliminates medicinal viruses, and anti-radiation aspects, influenza.

2- Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is prepared from the best types of honey that contain very high nutritional elements, a milky secretion by worker bees in the hive, and is intended as food for the larva on which the queen bee will fall in the future. 

Studies have been prepared and bee food has been examined to ensure its countless benefits. I found as follows:

Royal jelly acts as pre-menstrual music or what is known as PMS.

High cholesterol.

It treats infertility and improves sexual health.

It works to protect you from various cancerous tumors.

Reduces symptoms of menopause in women.

It treats hay fever and respiratory diseases.

Treats foot ulcers caused by diabetes.

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