The fastest recipe to lose weight and burn fat in a week

 The fastest recipe to lose weight and burn fat in a week

The fastest recipe to lose weight and burn fat in a week

Who among us does not dream of an ideal weight and wishes to lose excess weight to obtain a slim and harmonious body...There is no doubt that the harmonious body shape

One of the signs of beauty and to get the right body, you must lose excess weight from the body, either by using strenuous sports or by doing a diet

Refrain from foods, which not many can afford, or use the golden recipe that has proven to be effective in losing weight and burning fat.

It is one of the simple ingredients and is also available in every home and now we come to the first recipe for weight loss

The first drink to lose weight in a week

Drink ingredients First bring a medium bowl and put the following in it

spoon of green tea

spoon of ginger

a spoonful of mint leaves

spoonful of cumin

We put all the ingredients in the pot, add a little water and raise it on a low heat for ten minutes, then filter it well and then take a cup before each meal daily and within a week you will notice a good difference

One of the benefits of this recipe is to eliminate the rumen because it contains ginger, which helps to increase the production of gastric juice, which in turn works to burn fat, and ginger is also known to treat obesity.

Green tea is important as it helps burn calories and is important in the weight loss process

Mint leaves This ingredient reduces toxins in the body and also helps in the absorption process and converts fats into consuming energy. 

It enhances the work of the digestive system and indirectly works on burning fat.

The last ingredient, cumin, is rich in benefits, a digestive tonic that treats indigestion, so cumin increases body temperature

And therefore it works to burn body fat and thus has a role in helping to burn fat and lose body weight

The second drink is to burn fat and lose weight

First, we prepare a pot and fill the pot with water, then we put the pot on the fire until it gets hot only and we prepare the following ingredients

lemon slices

cumin granules


We put these ingredients in the bowl, close the bowl, then wait for the next day and drink the drink daily before bed, or for best results, take it before each meal.

One of the benefits of lemon is to kill toxins in the body, cleanse the stomach and colon, and also burn fat, as well as vinegar, as it burns fat quickly

You should also commit to eating a large number of vegetables and taking vitamins

Bone soup for weight loss without diet

The name may be a little strange, but this soup is a complete meal that helps to lose weight without a stressful diet first. Ingredients of the recipe

We go to the butcher and buy a bone, then we put a bowl on the fire and put an appropriate amount of water in it and we get an onion and cut it and put it in the bowl and put a little salt and pepper and then drop the bone until it is cooked

This soup is eaten three times a week and for the best result, drink it daily with half a smoothie for a week and you will notice the difference.

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