The most famous benefits of honey for constipation in children

 The most famous benefits of honey for constipation in children

Honey for constipation in children

When a child cries constantly and has constipation for several days, and is silent when placed on his stomach, you must make sure that your child suffers from constipation, and constipation causes distress to the child because he is trying to defecate and cannot. With the child, let's go:

The most famous benefits of honey for constipation in children

Benefits of honey for constipation in children

Honey has benefits for treating constipation in children. Honey may be used to get rid of constipation in children, but provided that the infant is over a year old, as herbal drinks sweetened with honey are served, you can do the following:

Put a drop of honey on the belly button and wrap it with a cloth or a small adhesive, and you will notice that constipation disappears within hours, honey may be used as a massage for constipation in children.

You can put honey on the edge of the anus. Moisturizing the anus with a little olive oil mixed with honey may help treat constipation.

It is also possible to offer sweetened water with honey between meals to the child, as it may treat constipation in the child.

Rub the child’s abdomen with olive oil mixed with warm honey in counterclockwise circular motions, and do not expose the child to air currents, because flatulence will increase.

Is honey good for constipation in children?

If you are asking is honey useful for constipation in children, of course, it treats constipation and there are several ways you can treat your child:

 The method of honey and yogurt

A spoon of natural bee honey can be added to a cup (a box) of yogurt, which is also a strong remedy for constipation, and of course useful for children, especially those who do not prefer to eat honey 

when sweetening it with natural honey will give immediate results in solving digestive problems, improving bowel movements, and treating constipation, As yogurt with honey for children for constipation is very useful.

The method of honey and potatoes

Many Arab countries are famous for mixing honey with potatoes and selling them in the streets, and this act is not random but stems from a science inherited from many generations. Add 3 tablespoons or more as needed to a medium-sized potato

 mix it well and eat it in the morning and evening, in addition to treating constipation, it is a complete meal, in addition to being a recipe for constipation in children.

The method of honey with parsley

Parsley contains fiber, beta-carotene, carbohydrates, and many other elements and nutritional values. 

Parsley has been used in many civilizations to treat many health problems. Infusion of parsley boiled with honey is useful in the immediate treatment of constipation in children, solving all digestive problems, and protecting the stomach from ulcers. and maintain gut health.

Best honey for constipation

One of the best types of honey for treating constipation is Sidr honey, and Sidr honey is known as monochromatic honey made only from the nectar of Sidr trees in Yemen. Many people visit the Al-Talhi store to buy the best types of honey 

whether local or imported, as it has the best types of honey that are used to treat chronic constipation and bloating in children.

Manuka honey: It contains antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds that help treat constipation.

It can be purchased from the Makkah Honey Bee Store, which is one of the leading stores in selling the best and finest types of honey as well. 

The honey bee is unique in selling original honey that is full of therapeutic qualities.

Raw honey: Eating raw honey or mixing it with different drinks helps to calm the digestive system and help treat diarrhea, but you should avoid eating a lot because excess sugar can harm, and milk and honey can be used by children for constipation, and you can buy it from Al-Shahrani store in Al-Maaqiliah, where it sells unnatural natural honey. Imitated by everyone's testimony.

Citrus honey: It is produced from citrus flowers such as oranges and lemons. It is characterized by its white color, low density, and high content of antioxidants, especially ascorbic acid, which is useful in treating constipation. 

You can buy it from Al-Watania apiaries, which is famous for the best types of honey according to the testimony of its customers, as it is a quick remedy for constipation. in children.

Shafallah honey: or caper honey, which is also one of the types of wild honey, and is very useful for treating constipation. 

It is the extract of bees from the caper plant, and it contains important nutritional properties that treat anemia.

Clover honey: It is extracted from the flowers of clover, and it contains many important substances, volatile oils, and coffin, which have a great effect on treating constipation, as honey for constipation children is a good healer and its color tends to light yellow 

and it is one of the most types of honey that revitalizes the body. It gives it energy, relaxes it, and helps digestive disorders. 

Its color tends to be very transparent, it consists of several crystals, it is shaped like a cream, and it contains high levels of vitamins, proteins, and sugars. It works to treat severe constipation in children.

Sunflower honey: It is extracted from sunflower flowers. It treats constipation, treats anemia, stimulates the work of the pancreas, and maintains the level of sugar in the blood. 

It has a slightly pungent taste, reduces the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood, and contains many vitamins and minerals.

In conclusion: it can be said that many children may suffer from the problem of constipation, which results from many reasons, such as not eating abundant amounts of vegetables and fruits rich in a large proportion of fiber, 

or eating large amounts of dairy products, and many symptoms indicate that the child suffers from Manal Constipation, such as flatulence, nausea, inability to eat, and severe stomach pain, honey, in this case, is very useful for the child, if you are asking is honey good for constipation in children.

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