Treatment methods for erectile dysfunction: know them

 Treatment methods for erectile dysfunction: know them

The treatment of erectile dysfunction has become possible by making simple lifestyle changes or taking some medications until surgery, follow the article for details.

Treatment methods for erectile dysfunction: know them

Erectile dysfunction is defined as sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to reach or maintain an erection of the penis. This article is devoted to mentioning ways to treat erectile dysfunction:

Methods for treating erectile dysfunction

The treatment of erectile dysfunction resulting from transient causes can be treated in several different ways, the most prominent of which are the following:

1. Eat a healthy diet

A healthy diet greatly affects the sexual process. If the food is useful and nutritious, rich in vitamins and minerals, its effect will be positive on the erection process.

It is recommended that the diet be based on the following food items:



Fish rich in healthy fats, such as Omega-3.

Non-fat meat.

2. Take nutritional supplements

Taking nutritional supplements in the form of pills or needles is one of the most prominent ways to treat erectile dysfunction resulting from a lack of these minerals and vitamins.

Among the most prominent supplements that can help treat erectile dysfunction:

Supplementation of the B group vitamins, as they contribute to the treatment of nervous system problems.

Vitamin C supplements, as they enhance the body's energy and make it more strong.


3. Doing sports

Sports are very important for the health of the body in general, so exercise may lead to an improvement in erection, and the most recommended sports to improve sexual performance, in general, are the following:

Tai Chi.

Chi Kung sport.


Martial arts.


Light jogging.



4. Stay away from wrong practices

Many wrong practices affect the completion of an erection, including smoking, alcohol or drug addiction, and masturbation, so it is recommended to stay away from all of them to treat erectile dysfunction.

5. Take some medicine

Some medications may contribute to the treatment of erectile dysfunction, most notably the following:

Sildenafil (Sildenafil).



These medications have many annoying side effects, so you should consult your doctor before taking them.

Are previous treatments enough to treat erectile dysfunction?

As mentioned previously, the mentioned treatments are good if the lack of erection is caused by transient causes, but if the lack of erection results from serious conditions such as accidents, the treatment is more difficult and perhaps impossible.

Suggested treatments for severe erectile dysfunction are:

1. Using the devices of the penis

Some devices aim to increase the blood flow to the penis and thus its erection, and they are available in abundance and can be used alongside medications according to the doctor’s instructions.

2. Penile implant surgery

It is a surgery that aims to implant a flexible stent in the penis to maintain an erection, and this surgery is not addressed unless all previous treatments have failed.

Does the psychological factor have a role in the treatment of erectile dysfunction?

Yes, the psychological factor has a significant impact on the treatment of erectile dysfunction, if erectile dysfunction is caused by a psychological disorder, the solution lies in getting rid of this disorder in one of the following ways:

Accustom yourself to nothing worth stressing about.

Going out with friends and entertaining oneself, is enough to improve the mood and get rid of transient mental disorders.

Doing sports that specialize in psychological comforts, such as yoga and deep breathing exercises.

Take medications to treat mental disorders if the disorder is severe.

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