Herbal treatment of delayed ejaculation in men: is it possible?

 Herbal treatment of delayed ejaculation in men: is it possible?

Herbal treatment of delayed ejaculation in men: is it possible?

Many people are looking for ways to treat delayed ejaculation in men with herbs, is it possible? What are the proven ways to treat it? Here is the article:

Herbal treatment for delayed ejaculation in men

Delayed ejaculation in men is a disorder that is not easy to treat due to a misunderstanding of its causes, and so far there are no medicines licensed to treat it by the US Food and Drug Administration, although there are some drugs that have proven effective in this end.

Therefore, the treatment of delayed ejaculation should be by treating or eliminating the cause, and treatment may also include: psychosexual education of the patient and his partner, drug therapy, or integrative therapy that includes mental therapy for the patient.

The treatment of delayed ejaculation in men with herbs is not a substitute for medical advice from a specialist doctor or other treatments, such as medications, or psychological sessions, and so far all of these herbs have been studied on animals only, and no study has been conducted on humans to determine their effectiveness or appropriate doses. to use.

For thousands of years, people have used some herbs, believing that they are useful in treating delayed ejaculation, as they stimulate sexual desire, including:

1. Zalloua plant

The three extracts of the callous plant, which are: Ferutinin, Teferdin, and Teferin, were studied in the sexual behavior of male rats.

It was found that when ferritin was given repeatedly, it was able to stimulate sexual behavior, but it hurt the sexual ability of strong rats, while the ferritin improved the overall performance of weak or helpless animals.

2. Chinese herbal extract

It was observed that there was an improvement in both the susceptibility and desire of the rats to sexual behavior, because it increased the level of testosterone hormone in the blood, in addition to activating the work of the central dopamine system.

3. Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo extract increased the frequency and speed of ejaculation and increased the level of dopamine, affecting and improving overall sexual activity when administered to rats.

4. Mucuna pruriens Linn Seeds

The seeds of this plant have shown positive results in increasing the erection, the temporal time of ejaculation, and consequently, an improvement in sexual activity at all levels.

5. Eurycoma longifolia

This herb improved the sexual performance of male mice by raising the level of testosterone.

6. Pedalium murex Linn fruit

This plant, when given to rats, increased sexual stimulation and significantly raised the level of testosterone.

7. Maca root

This plant had a small effect on the behavior and sexual activity of the rats that were treated with it.

Medical treatment of delayed ejaculation in men

After we mentioned that the herbal treatment of delayed ejaculation in men is not effective or an alternative to other methods, we will talk about other proven methods of treatment, which are:

1. Medicines

Sometimes some medications cause delayed ejaculation, so decreasing the dose of medication or switching it leads to solving the problem, of course, after consulting a doctor.

There are no drugs approved so far for the treatment of delayed ejaculation. These drugs are mainly used to treat other conditions, but they have proven some effectiveness in treating delayed ejaculation, and these drugs include the following:

Amantadine: A drug used in Parkinson's disease.

Buspirone: This is an anti-anxiety medication.

Cyproheptadine: This is an allergy medicine.

2. Psychotherapy

Mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, or stress can lead to delayed ejaculation, so psychotherapy, including seeing a mental health counselor or psychiatrist, can help treat delayed ejaculation by addressing mental health issues.

Tips for treating delayed ejaculation in men

Here are some tips for dealing with delayed ejaculation:

Remember that delayed ejaculation may be caused by fatigue or other temporary factors, and it will improve when the cause goes away and does not necessarily mean that you have a permanent problem.

Try not to make it a constant concern for you, as overthinking about this topic may cause psychological and emotional stress to you and your spouse.

Reassure your partner, so she doesn't think that your inability to orgasm is a sign of waning sexual interest.

Communicate openly and honestly with your partner about your condition, because treatment is more successful if the couples work together to solve the problem.

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