Using honey for oily skin

The use of honey for oily skin, what is the importance of honey for the skin, and how to use it as an ideal recipe for the face? What are the necessary tips when using it on the face?

Honey has endless benefits for the entire body, so we are working on using it in many places such as the skin, and this is because it is significantly damaged from the rest of the body, especially if it is oily, as it is exposed to the sun at all times, so we will know the use of honey for oily skin and its benefits.

Using honey for oily skin

Importance of using honey for oily skin

There are many distinctive benefits of honey when applied to oily skin, and this provides ways to take care of oily skin, namely:-

It resists acne, as it can cleanse the skin of any microbe or bacteria because of the large percentage of sugar it contains, and it also can make the skin a place that is not suitable for the presence of bacteria, so you cannot adapt to it.

It makes the skin permanently moist, and this is important for oily skin.

It removes any residues on the skin, as well as removing any melasma from it

Some important recipes for using honey for oily skin

Using honey for skin

We can include honey with many other important ingredients, namely:-

Raw honey without any additives, and this is very easy by placing an appropriate amount on the skin for a period not exceeding a quarter of an hour, then we work on washing the face, and we repeat the attempt twice during the week to find the effective result.

Honey with Cinnamon, Cinnamon helps a lot in preserving the skin by mixing it with honey, and the recipe is as follows:_

Put a spoonful of honey and half a spoon of cinnamon together, and here we find that the mixture has become like a soft paste.

It is necessary to put an amount of it on the hand at the beginning, and this is to make sure that this skin is not allergic to cinnamon, as there are those whose skin is disturbed by cinnamon and start scratching constantly.

If the situation is safe, then apply it to the skin with confidence, until it reaches the entire skin.

We should not remove it until thirty minutes after applying it, or we can leave it for a longer period, then there will be no problem.

Then we must wash the face with a lot of warm water, and then dry it.

Using honey for oily skin with oatmeal

Oats can be used to get great skin by mixing it with honey, and this helps in treating oily skin from any damage, and this happens through the following steps:-

Knead a cup of oats with hot water.

Then we put a spoonful of honey on the paste.

We distribute the mixture on the skin, with massaging movements of the skin.

We leave this mixture for a quarter of an hour until it dries, then we wash the face with warm water and dry it well.

Yogurt and honey mask for oily skin

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It is known that yogurt is of great importance to the skin, as it nourishes it, exfoliates it naturally, and works to clean it wonderfully, as well as helps to remove dark circles that are a source of inconvenience to everyone, and it has a tremendous ability to address the signs of aging, so if it is mixed with honey, the benefits will be very great This can be done by following the following recipe:-

We put two tablespoons of yogurt with one tablespoon of honey and mix them together well.

Then put it on the skin appropriately, and leave it for thirty minutes.

After the expiry of the period, the face should be washed with lukewarm water.

We will notice that the skin has become brighter than before, and this is due to the interaction of the benefits of yogurt, with the important benefits of honey.

Use it as an exfoliator

One of the most important things that concern people with oily skin is exfoliation, and this is because of the oils and dirt in the skin, so some recipes make us use it as a natural exfoliator, including:-

It can be applied with baking soda, mixed, and then applied to the skin and rubbed constantly, and this scrub will benefit the skin a lot.

Put two tablespoons of honey, with a teaspoon of sugar, or a little sea salt, then put it on the face and rub it with them, then wash the face after that to see the effective result on the skin.

Using almonds and honey as a scrub, you can also add some drops of lemon to the mixture, and after mixing, we put it on the skin to rub it well and then wash it with lukewarm water.

Disadvantages of using it

We find that with all these benefits and recipes put forward, there remains only one harm that must be well understood in order not to harm the skin unintentionally, and this harm is through the presence of sensitive skin that is greatly affected by honey and severely irritated, and this is not with everyone, but we find that there is a small percentage that is sensitive From it, so we can do a skin test on the hand or the foot to see whether honey will affect the skin or not, and then it can be dealt with without fear.

But if a woman suffers from allergies without knowing and uses honey, it will cause harm to her face, so it is better to do the test that does not take minutes so that we can be assured of the situation, after which the washing can be used as we want, and benefit from these wonderful benefits.

Important Tips

Among the most important tips to remember with these recipes are:-

Allergy tests must be done on the skin of the hand before applying honey directly to the skin, to avoid any problem that could occur.

Ensure that the honey is organic, for the results to be good and effective.

The face should be washed with lukewarm water before applying honey to the skin.

We must also wash the skin with cold or lukewarm water to control the closure of the pores after the recipe.

Repeat the recipe twice during the week and do not use it only once.

You should stay away from the soap after completing the recipe on the skin.

The use of honey for oily skin has many benefits, so we should not neglect these benefits and work on repeating the attempts until they succeed greatly. When taking care of the skin, we will find that it is fresh and free of any microbe, and this will only happen by following some important recipes for honey on the skin.

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