What happens to the body when you eat apples daily?

 What happens to the body when you eat apples daily?

According to Dr. Olga Korabliova, a Russian nutritionist, eating apples is one of the means used to reduce weight and strengthen the nervous system, in addition to its other benefits.

What happens to the body when you eat apples daily?

And the doctor points out that if a person wants to get rid of excess weight, he should add apples to his diet, because the calories per 100 fresh and cooked apples equal 50 kilos, and in dried apples to 250 kilos.

The expert adds that it is better not to eat apples with milk and dairy products because it causes flatulence. 

But it can be eaten with pastries, nuts, non-acidic fruits such as bananas, and with poultry and fowl. Cooked (roasted) apples help digest fatty foods quickly.

Regarding which types of apples are better, green or red, the expert says, "You can eat two large or three medium-sized apples per day. 

Apples contain iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamins С, А, and beta-carotene, where one apple provides 25% of the body's need for vitamin С." And 5-6 seeds contain the body's daily need for iodine.

She adds that the nutrient content of apples depends on the color. For example, the percentage of carotene in red and yellow apples is higher than in green, while the percentage of iron in green apples is higher than in red. 

Diabetics and those who want to lose extra weight are not advised to eat sweet apples.

The expert points out that it is wrong to raise the percentage of iron in the body by relying on apples, because in this case, 1.5-2 kilograms of apples must be eaten daily. 

Because one apple contains 0.1-2.2 milligrams of iron, and the daily need of the body is 15-18 milligrams.

She adds, that even apple jam is useful because the cardiovascular potassium in apples is not damaged by heat treatment. 

The pectin in the apple core and peel is also useful for cleaning the intestines and removing toxins from the body.

And the doctor says, "Eating one apple a day improves digestion and the complexion and lowers the level of cholesterol. 

That is, apples indirectly affect the level of blood pressure, and this means that it is useful for those who suffer from high. 

But we must be aware, that apples alone It cannot affect weight and health, so the entire diet must be modified."

According to her, when eating apples half an hour before a meal, increases appetite, and this is harmful to those who suffer from digestive problems such as gastritis, especially stomach and intestinal ulcers. 

Also, eating apples on an empty stomach is harmful, like other fruits and acidic foods, because it can cause flatulence, irritation of the mucous membranes, and exacerbation of chronic diseases due to the amount of coarse dietary fiber. 

She adds that the apple-based diet is only valid for one day for people who are healthy and do not have any problems. 

Because the acids in fresh apples (citric, malic, and tartaric) can cause bile cyst inflammation. 

And cooked apples are useful for the elderly, and those with sensitive teeth and gums.

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