When does the effect of dieting appear on the body?

 When does the effect of dieting appear on the body?

When does the effect of dieting appear on the body?

What is the correct diet?

We find that the reason for weight gain lies in the increase in the number of calories in the body, as its quantity is greater than the number of calories that are burned by the body during daily activities, and in general 

weight loss occurs when eating quantities of food so that they are less than the usual quantities, in addition, To increase the level of physical activity, and these changes must be maintained over a long period until weight is lost healthily 

in addition to maintaining its stability, and healthily losing weight depends on relying on these lifestyle changes that maintain this healthy weight and this is done via:

Eat foods that are rich in nutrients from different food groups.

As it is not necessary to get rid of any particular food group or item.

Where you can eat some sweets or some of these favorite foods, but from time to time.

Here we must note that there is no one healthy food that fits all bodies, for each body has something and a different system from the other in losing weight 

so it is advised not to rely on widespread diets to lose weight, and it must be replaced by a healthy and balanced food plan so that this becomes a method of Life the body gets used to.

Signs of dieting success

Many women and men begin to follow the diet to lose excess weight, and here the question arises that when will the results of this diet appear on the body, as there are bodies that form a stubborn body in losing weight 

so the results do not appear quickly and remarkably but need some time But in general, you should not rush to the results so that you do not have any problems. 

The diet must take its right and the necessary period until its results appear and you have followed the correct regime. 

Some symptoms confirm the emergence of the results of a successful diet and are manifested in:

When climbing the stairs, you feel that breathing is at a normal rate, so you do not feel a problem in breathing, even if you go up three floors in a row. 

This item indicates that the results of the diet began to appear little by little.

Your clothes become very fitting to your body as you can easily and naturally close the buttons.

If you use the treadmill and exercise on it for 45 minutes without feeling tired, this indicates that your weight begins to decrease and that following this method is the best way to lose weight.

It is retracted in cases of hunger, especially at night.

You feel enjoying meals rich in nutrients that provide the body with minerals and vitamins, in addition to staying away from unhealthy food that causes obesity such as pizza, ready meals, and burgers, and this indicates that the body adapts to healthy food and gets used to it.

When does the body begin to lose weight during dieting?

Weight loss occurs by reducing the number of calories from the daily rate and this is by increasing physical activity 

or it can be by reducing the number of calories that are consumed, as the body begins to lose weight from the first week, as the healthy rate of weight loss It is between 0.5 to 1 kg approximately in the first week, and it is 1 percent of the total weight of the person. 

It should be noted that losing weight slowly and regularly is much better than losing weight quickly, as the gradual loss enables the body to reach a normal BMI, In addition to maintaining the loss of these fats and weight for a longer period 

and this loss is manifested by following a healthy lifestyle, which depends entirely on a balanced diet, in addition to exercising several days during one week.

What happens to the body at the beginning of dieting?

At the beginning of the diet, the body begins to respond to healthy dietary changes, as the diet reduces the risks of obesity and diabetes in addition to heart disease, and improves the general sense of well-being in the individual in addition to important things, including:

A high-fiber diet makes a huge difference to your gut microbiome.

Nutrient intake, exercise, and moderate dietary changes improve survival outcomes, especially for young people with leukemia.

The diet maintains energy levels in the body by choosing foods that have a low glycemic index.

One of the conditions of the diet is to reduce the intake of coffee, as this helps reduce the level of the stress hormone, in addition to reducing the high level of cortisol, which has harmful effects on the body.

Disadvantages of dieting without exercise

There must be a balance between diet and exercise, as diet alone cannot give you long-term weight loss results, and the presence of exercise with it is what will give weight loss in the long term, and health benefits are provided through a combination of the two, and with This is not all that exercise can do for you in the long run. It has many benefits, including:

Eliminate stress and anxiety, as exercise produces endorphins, which clear the mind and adjust the mood.

Improves memory The hormones released during exercise improve the cognitive functions of the brain.

It regulates blood sugar levels.

Reducing the incidence of cancer.

But dieting without exercise has many negative effects, and there is also a reason for not losing weight with diet and sports, but now we will explain what are the negative damages caused by the lack of exercise with dieting, which is manifested in:

Slow weight loss as exercise promotes weight loss, but when you follow a diet without exercise, this slows down weight loss.

The possibility of developing diseases as a person will resort to a harsh diet to lose weight, but this causes many health damages such as general weakness and other diseases due to a lack of energy.

For nutrients that strengthen and support the body.

The appearance of flabbiness in the skin, when a large amount of body fat is lost without exercising 

leads to sagging skin, as sports work to tighten the skin in specific areas of the body such as the legs and arms in addition to the abdomen.

A decrease in bone and muscle mass, like severe weight loss, which is without exercise, is due to the loss of muscle mass in addition to the loss of bone mass, and this is very harmful to health 

and this causes weakness in the bones over time, and therefore exercise must be taken care of while dieting

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