When will the results of dieting appear on the body? The most important signs of dieting success

 When will the results of dieting appear on the body? The most important signs of dieting success

The most important signs of dieting success

Have you started a diet to lose weight? 

Or do you want to lose weight fast? 

Do you want to know when the results of dieting appear on the body? 

This question is very important, before you start following the diet, you should know what the expected results are. Here are the answers to various questions you might have on this topic.

When will the results of dieting appear on the body?

The speed of weight loss and the appearance of dieting results vary from person to person, and this depends on several factors, including:

starting weight

The more weight you start with the diet, the faster the weight loss, especially in the beginning period.

Dieting type

Some systems cause weight loss faster than others, especially harsh dieting regimes such as low-carb diets, fluid diets, and chemical dieting.

The number of carbohydrates you eat

The fewer harmful carbohydrates and sugars you eat, the faster you lose weight; That's because processed carbohydrates constantly raise insulin levels in the blood, making weight loss slower.

When does the body begin to lose weight during dieting?

The body begins to lose excess weight from water stored in the body at first and then begins to lose weight from fat. However, if you are not keen on following a healthy diet schedule to lose weight, you may lose some muscle instead of extra fat.

Therefore, you should consult a doctor or nutritionist; To help you know the appropriate diet for your body and to follow up with it continuously so that he can observe the response of your body and make the appropriate decisions so that you can reach your goal in a short time easily and safely.

After how many days of dieting lose weight?

Weight loss can usually be noticed during the first week of dieting. This is due to the loss of excess water from the body, and then the rate of weight loss decreases slightly, and then the real weight loss begins from excess body fat, 

and you must be careful to avoid the causes of weight stability so that the weight continues to drop to reach the desired weight.

When does the thinness appear on the body?

If you are wondering when the results of dieting appear on the body? You should know that weight loss may appear in the shape of the body before it appears on the scale, so you should not rely on the scale alone for follow-up 

but it is preferable to use your body measurements to notice its change, some signs may indicate weight loss other than the scale, here are some of them :

What are the first signs of weight loss?

Changing appetite, finding yourself eating less than you used to.

Change of clothing sizes.

Note the change in body shape.

Feeling that the body has become more light and energetic.

Health improvement.

All of these signs indicate weight loss, even if the weight on the scale has not changed; Sometimes fat loss is matched by muscle building, so weight may not change with a change in body shape.

Arranging the areas for weight loss

The areas in which a person loses weight vary according to several factors, including:

genetics factor

The genetic factor of heredity is one of the most important factors that affect the order of weight loss and body shape, and research has proven that you can use the genetic factor even in types of dieting and the body's response to it.

If there is a certain diet that worked for one of your parents, it will most likely work for you as well.


Men's bodies differ from women's, as men often lose weight initially in the abdominal area, while women lose weight in the thighs area.


The higher the age, the more fat is stored in the abdominal area in men and women, and thus losing weight in this area becomes more difficult with age.

But that does not mean that the rest of the areas will not lose excess fat, these factors only affect the arrangement of the areas, but by persevering with the diet 

your body will lose weight in other areas, and lose stubborn fat, until you reach a consistent body and an ideal weight, and your specialist doctor or specialist will help you in this Nutrition by choosing the most appropriate regimen for you.

Does dieting succeed without exercise?

Yes, the diet does not usually require sports to lose weight, but this does not negate the importance of exercise. 

If you do sports such as walking for two hours a day without dieting, you can achieve very good results in losing weight.

Sports also help maintain muscle mass, raise the level of burning and lose weight from excess body fat. In addition, it improves various bodily functions and helps boost immunity.

No one can deny the importance of exercise, but if you cannot exercise for any reason, do not worry, it will not be an obstacle to your ability to lose weight and reach your ideal weight.

Signs of dieting success

Before we talk about the signs of the success of dieting, we must first know when we can say that the diet has succeeded? 

Is it just losing weight? Or according to when the results of dieting appear on the body? Or what?

We can say that the success of the diet is determined, not only by losing weight but by how to lose it. 

If you reduce your daily calories, you will lose weight regardless of what type of food you eat and your level of activity, but to make sure that you are following a healthy and safe diet, there are several signs that you can notice, including:

Losing weight at a healthy rate.

It is a kilo to one and a half kilos per week. You can lose more than that only in the first week of the diet because of the excess water descent from the body, but after that, if the level of descent is not in the normal range, it may mean that you reduce your calories too much.

Improve the general health of the body.

Such as stabilizing blood sugar levels, and lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and your body will be more energetic and active, which is also a sign of the success of the diet. 

But if you feel constantly tired or dizzy, you should go back to the doctor to make sure that you follow a diet that helps you lose weight without causing any harm to your body.

Change the shape of the body for the better.

One of the signs of losing healthy weight is the consistency of the body and its change of shape for the better during weight loss, especially if you are exercising. 

But even if you are satisfied with following a completely healthy diet schedule, You will notice the change in the shape and consistency of your body over time.

Signs that you may be losing weight the wrong way

Just as there are signs of the success of the diet, there are also signs of following the wrong diet that may harm the body. Beware if you see one of these signs:

Constant feeling of tiredness and fatigue.

Weakness and falling out of hair.

Weakened immunity.

Burn level drop.

The appearance of stones in the kidneys or gallbladder.

Frequent feeling of muscle tension.


The question of when the results of dieting appear on the body is a frequent question, but its answer depends on several factors, the most important of which are:

starting weight.

The type of diet followed.

The number of carbohydrates you eat.

The order of descent of areas in the body also varies according to age, gender, and genetics also plays an important role in determining them.

Many signs may indicate the success of dieting, and weight loss is not the only sign. Therefore, when following a diet, you must follow up with the doctor until he determines the most appropriate regimen for your body, and he will also follow up on your body's response to the diet, until he makes the necessary changes, until you reach your ideal weight safely in the shortest possible time.

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