Why do attempts to lose weight fail despite the diet? Watch out, your body and mind unite against you

 Why do attempts to lose weight fail despite the diet? Watch out, your body and mind unite against you

Why do attempts to lose weight fail despite the diet? Watch out, your body and mind unite against you

If you thought that weight loss is achieved simply by exercising and burning calories, you are wrong. Despite the expectations that the global market for diet will reach 253 billion dollars by 2024 

most the harsh diets are doomed to failure, according to a study conducted by the University of California, which showed that those who follow a diet lose 5 to 10% of their weight in the first six months, then which More than two-thirds of them soon regain more weight than they lost in 4 or 5 years.

When a dieter starts reducing food and the calories he consumes, his body reacts completely the opposite, as he resists burning fat and reducing weight and trying to cling to energy sources, and the more calories go down, the more the body resists burning fat, according to Dr. 

Yasmine Abdullah Abd Al-Ghafoor in her book "Medical Lights", adds that "your body and mind are afraid of the idea of ​​starvation, and unite against you. 

If you want to lose fat, you must change your lifestyle itself, to eliminate the reasons why your body refuses to lose weight."

10 reasons not to lose weight

The body's resistance to weight loss occurs for reasons including:

1- Hormones. Australian researchers have found that diet reduces the “leptin hormone” responsible for feeling full, and increases the “ghrelin” hormone that stimulates hunger, which makes it difficult for the body to control weight.

2- Metabolism, when you reduce calories quickly, metabolism slows down, and “the body becomes more prone to rebound and go in the opposite direction, and increases the desire to eat,” according to Sabrina Joe, director of scientific and health content at the American Council on Exercise.

3- Insulin resistance, when it rises, the body stops converting stored fat into a source of energy, seizes any excess energy due to laziness, and turns it into fat that it stores in the abdominal area.

4- Exaggeration in sports, without giving the body a chance to adapt to the effort gradually, which makes its response to stress decrease with time, and it needs new exercises every three months, to burn calories.

5- Chaotic eating times, not eating for long periods leads to a decrease in blood sugar that results in a strong desire to eat, which is overcome by eating snacks at random times. 

The body is always busy digesting separate foods, even if they are healthy, without finding an opportunity to burn fat.

6- Lack of water and fluids in the body, and what causes it to inhibit the ability of the kidneys to get rid of toxins, which prompts the liver to support them, leaving its primary task of getting rid of fat, according to Deutsche Valley.

7- Sleep: Studies have shown that good sleep enhances the secretion of growth hormone (somatropin), which reduces fat. 

It also reduces the stress hormone (cortisol), which stimulates appetite, weight, and fat storage.

8- Boring nutrition, nutrition experts advise the need to diversify the food because the body gets tired and bored of eating the same food every time, so it gets used to it and does not burn fat enough.

9- Increased appetite. The feeling of hunger and the desire to eat is controlled by strong hormones and chemicals in the brain, which often work differently in obese people, changing their eating behavior through the release of dopamine and other substances that give a feeling of satisfaction when eating, according to the Healthline website.

10- The psychological stress that stimulates cortisol, which weakens the muscles and reduces the body's loss of fat.

Mistakes that hinder weight loss

Some mistakes hinder our attempts to lose weight, according to the CNET website, which specializes in health, including:

1- Boredom, successful weight loss needs a long breath, rather than losing several pounds in two weeks and then returning to zero. 

There are no magic solutions to losing weight, but there is a permanent healthy lifestyle.

2- Idealism, as many people think with the mentality of everything and the greatest thing or nothing, so they turn the experience of slimming (dieting) into a cycle of profit and loss, and feeling guilty all the time from the slightest lapse.

3- Exercise only. Of course, exercise should be part of your general approach to losing weight, but it is difficult to achieve this through exercise alone. 

This should be in parallel with a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and some whole grains to serve you best.

4- Stress Losing weight will be very difficult if you suffer from chronic stress. It is not enough to focus on exercise and nutritional supplements, it will not dispense with rest and healthy food.

4 tips you may need to succeed

Among the useful tips to support weight loss attempts, we chose this package from the Very Well Fit website:

1- Motivation, because losing weight takes time and needs constant stimulation by remembering the benefits, such as increased energy, improved mood, and good sleep. 

You can also keep a diary of achievements and failures.

2- Training is very necessary for a healthy heart and good fat-repelling health. US guidelines recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise, or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise, per week.

3- Commitment, to lose weight permanently, you must change the way of eating, commit to eating healthy foods, and be aware of reducing the calories you eat, instead of reckless eating.

4- Realizing that the issue is not just a “diet” but rather a lifestyle change. You must be willing to change your way of life, set new rules for yourself, and give your life more movement.

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