Keto diet for a month This is exactly what you need to lose the extra kilograms that you suffer from, as this diet depends on eating healthy fats in exchange for reducing 

carbohydrates, and following this system helps to increase the burning speed significantly, but.

1-month keto diet

is it possible to follow the keto diet for a month? 

Are there any damages to this system? 

1-month keto diet

Before learning how to follow the keto diet for a month, you must first know what the keto diet is and how it helps you lose weight.

The keto diet depends on reducing the intake of carbohydrates by a large percentage so that it is not less than 50 grams per day, and after a few days after following this system, the body does not find the energy it needs, which helps the carbohydrates to provide.

Thus, the body begins to use fats and proteins to obtain the energy it needs to perform its vital functions. It burns more stored fat, and thus the body loses a large percentage of fat.

Therefore, it is not recommended to follow this diet except under medical supervision and for short periods so as not to adversely affect health.

You can now learn more information about when the results of the keto diet appear? 

What is the keto diet? 

How does it work? 

And how long is it?

Can you follow the keto diet for a month?

According to studies and research and what nutrition experts advocate, the duration of the keto diet should not be less than 6 months, to get the results you want.

Especially with people who are very obese or overweight, should give their body time to adjust to the ketogenic diet.

This means that following the keto diet for a month will not work for these people, so they must continue on this diet and stay in a state of ketosis for a very long time, to blow up the fat and sag all over the body.

But at the same time, following the keto diet for a month may help with those who are slightly overweight, they may notice good results, but it is also recommended to follow the keto diet for a long time to get satisfactory and positive results.

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How to follow the keto diet

After we learned about the benefits of following the keto diet for a month, here's how to follow that diet.

There is no account for the amount of food that a person eats during the keto diet, if he feels hungry, eats what he desires from the specific items in that diet, and avoids the prohibitions.

But it is usually preferable to divide the food into three meals so that each meal differs from the other and contains the allowed nutrients.

With this system, you should drink 8 glasses of water per day, you can also drink tea and coffee but without adding sugar to them.

For more information, read more information about the keto diet in the week of permitted and prohibited foods and what are its benefits and harms

What are the allowed and forbidden foods on the keto diet?

Some foods are allowed in this diet, while there are some other foods that are completely prohibited, which we will review for you:

  • Allowed foods
  • The healthy fats are:
  • Red meat.
  • poultry;
  • eggs.
  • fish.

Butter and some types of cheese, but in small quantities, are among the foods allowed on the keto diet.

You can also eat vegetables that contain a small number of carbohydrates such as spinach and cabbage.

It is also allowed to eat nuts and some types of fruits and add some oils such as olive oil to food.

forbidden foods

On the other hand, the keto diet depends on not eating carbohydrates such as:

  • the rice.
  • the pasta.
  • Wheat.
  • Maize.
  • potato

You should also avoid eating sugars such as:

  • candy.
  • Soft drinks.
  • Unnatural juices.
  • Dried and canned fruits.
  • ice cream and others.

What are the benefits of the keto diet?

If you know the benefits that you can reap from the keto diet, you will stick to it for the rest of your life, and you will not look forward to following the keto diet for only one month, and these benefits can be summarized as follows:

  1. It treats obesity and works to lose weight very quickly.
  2. Helps treat facial pimples and acne.
  3. It can help treat some types of cancer, such as brain cancer.
  4. Contributes to the treatment of epileptic seizures, especially those affecting children.
  5. Contributes to reducing the severity of symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and dementia.
  6. Helps treat PCOS.
  7. Significantly increases activity and focus.
  8. It is very helpful in treating type 2 diabetes.
  9. It reduces the proportion of bad cholesterol and increases the proportion of good cholesterol.
  10. Contributes to the treatment of many heart diseases and atherosclerosis and blood vessels.
  11. It reduces the spread of infections and tumors in the body.

In addition to the many other benefits that make you change your direction from following the keto diet for a month to following it as a diet for life or for as long as possible.

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What are the disadvantages of the keto diet?

Like any diet, there is a group of harms that may affect people who follow this diet, which is as follows:

feeling tired

This may happen, especially in the initial period of following this system, because the body is trying to adapt to the alternative energy source inside it, which is fat, as it depends on fats instead of carbohydrates.

Therefore, followers of this diet are advised to drink large amounts of water to overcome the feeling of tiredness and fatigue.

fast hunger

This usually happens because foods that contain fiber that should be avoided can fill the hunger and feel full for long periods, and for this, you must eat leafy vegetables allowed in the system to curb appetite for as long as possible.

Some health problems

This problem may occur as a result of excessive The first is fat, as the chances of heart disease and atherosclerosis increase.

To avoid this damage, you must balance the types of foods that you are allowed to eat during the day so that the percentage of fat is not higher than proteins or other nutrients in the three meals.

Note: You should mainly eat vegetables at every meal in exchange for reducing the amount of fat.

Average weight loss while on the keto diet for a month

The rate of weight loss while on the keto diet varies from person to person, depending on several factors:

The person's general health.

The gender of the individual following the keto diet for a month.

Amounts of healthy fats eaten.

Duration of stay in ketosis.

In the first week of following the keto diet, a person usually loses a large percentage of his weight, which ranges between 2: and 3 kilograms.

Most of the weight loss is usually the result of the body losing most of the water stored in it, and this often occurs as a result of the body consuming all of its glycogen stores.

After the second week of following the keto diet for a month, the body increases fat loss for the first week by about 800: 1000 grams.

This indicates that the body loses about 4400 to 6 kilograms after following the keto diet for a month.

We recommend reading more information about the keto diet, how much it takes, and the factors that control its effect

Metabolism on the keto diet

The metabolism process in the case of following the keto diet for a month is similar to that of following the keto diet for long periods, so the ratio of these nutrients within the keto diet must be adhered to as follows:

  • 70% fat.
  • 25% protein.
  • 5% carbohydrates.

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