10 signs that may indicate brain cancer

Brain cancer is a malignant brain tumor, which may be caused by the brain itself or by the spread of cancerous cells from other organs. 

It is considered a rare type of cancer to find, but it is not impossible to find. 10 signs may indicate the presence of brain cancer. It is as follows:

How long can you live when cancer spreads to the brain?

What happens when cancer attacks the brain?

Is cancer that has spread to the brain treatable?

10 signs that may indicate brain cancer

Frequent headaches, with pain during sleep at night, awakens the patient from sleep.

  1. Nausea and vomiting.
  2. Having problems with speech.
  3. Having difficulty hearing.
  4. Having vision problems, blurring, or double vision.
  5. Having problems remembering and memorizing.
  6. Changes occur in mind, personality, and behavior
  7. Having problems with balance.
  8. Sensory loss, limb weakness.
  9. Presence of convulsions or epilepsy.

 📝..but...don't panic. These symptoms may occur or be due to diseases other than brain cancer. 

Therefore, if these symptoms are found, it is recommended to see a doctor immediately for diagnosis and knowledge of the causes, and then obtain the correct treatment.

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