Benefits of green apple juice for weight loss know today

Reality; It is recommended to reduce the consumption of apple juice. It does not improve the feeling of satiety and contains large amounts of sugar and few vitamins, minerals, and fiber. 

In general, a 240 ml cup of apple juice provides the body with 114 calories, while a medium-sized apple provides the body with 95 calories.

Is green apple juice useful for weight loss?

Do green apples burn belly fat?

Which apple is best for weight loss?

Do green apples burn belly fat?
Benefits of green apple juice for weight loss know today

It should be noted that apple juice is usually eaten quickly without the person noticing the quantities consumed, and eating it does not increase the feeling of satiety as eating whole apples, causes the consumption of more calories in the short term. a period of time. 

A 2009 study published in Appetite included 58 participants. Those who ate apples before meals felt fuller than those who drank apple juice.

Based on the above. It is always recommended to eat the whole apple with its skin on to get as much fiber as possible.

Some may wonder if there is a difference in the benefits of eating green apples (Granny Smith), red apples (Red Delicious), or (Royal Gala), and indeed; The differences between these varieties are minimal 

because red and green apples provide the same amount of fiber and vitamin C, however, green apples contain 10% fewer calories and carbohydrates than red apples, while red apples contain 50% more beta-carotene. From green apple, because of its red color.

General benefits of green apple juice

As mentioned before; There are not many differences between the benefits of different types of apples, and the following are the benefits of apple juice of all kinds:

It contains a good amount of water: water makes up 88% of the weight of the apple, and this juice may be suitable for serving patients and people at risk of dehydration, but keep in 

mind that when taking apple juice to hydrate the body after cases of illness or dehydration; It needs mitigation.

Rich in healthy plant compounds: Keep in mind that these compounds are more concentrated in the apple peel than in the pulp, especially polyphenols, but unfiltered apple 

juice from the pulp may contain small amounts of these compounds, but they are more present in the whole fruit. 

The compounds help protect cells from inflammation and damage caused by oxidative processes in the body. 

For large amounts of polyphenol compounds, it is preferable to choose unfiltered turbid juice; which contains pulp, rather than pure juice; from which the pulp has been removed.

Contains pectin fiber: a glass of 250 ml of unfiltered apple juice provides 15% of the body's needs of pectin fiber, and apples contain other types of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, which bring many health benefits.

Green apple juice side effects

Apple juice safety degree

Eating apples is often safe for most people, as long as they don't eat their seeds. Also, there are no known or expected side effects from taking apple puree or apple juice. 

However, it should be noted that apple seeds contain cyanide. It is a toxic substance.

Disadvantages of drinking apple juice

People with certain health conditions are advised to exercise caution and vigilance when consuming apples or their juice. In these cases we mention the following:

People who are allergic to plants: Apples can cause an allergic reaction in people who are allergic to plants of the rose family, and these plants include: apricots, almonds, peaches, pears, and strawberries.

Diabetics: Drinking apple juice can increase blood sugar levels, so blood sugar levels should be carefully monitored when using apple products or apple juice.

People with diarrhea or dehydration: Be sure to drink diluted juice when using it for hydration, as concentrated apple juice contains a lot of sugar and can cause excess water to leak into the intestines, making it worse. 

It should also be noted that some studies suggest that giving apple juice to children can also worsen diarrhea in children.

Drug interactions with apple juice

The following points explain some of the types of medications that apple juice can interact with:

Atenolol (English: atenolol)

Fexofenadine (English: Fexofenadine)

Anti-diabetic drugs

Antihypertensive drugs

How much fruit juice can you eat?

As mentioned before; The juice quickly improves the feeling of hunger, the extra calories from its consumption can lead to weight gain, and the process of juicing the fruit can lead to 

the loss of many of the nutrients contained in it; such As fiber and vitamins, most of the fruit eaten should be whole fruit, and the fruit can be eaten fresh, dried, canned, or frozen.

As mentioned above, it is better to reduce the number of fruit juices or smoothies to no more than 150 milliliters per day; This is just a small cup.

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