Milk and honey together form a delicious drink rich in energy and the necessary benefits for the body, whether for adults or children, as each component of them has many benefits and contains many elements necessary for growth and improving health.

Benefits of milk with honey

Milk is one of the natural foodstuffs that contain a high percentage of calcium, as milk is one of the most important sources that help build and strengthen bones and protect them from fragility at an advanced age.

As for honey, it contains a high percentage of vitamins and minerals important to the body such as iron, calcium, and natural sugar in addition to other very important elements, and the mixture of honey with milk helps to supply the body with its ideal need of vitamins, minerals, and energy in addition to protecting it from disease.

Benefits of milk with honey:

It contains a high percentage of antioxidants that protect against serious cancerous tumors.

One of the best drinks that broadcast energy to the body.

Having a glass of honey milk in the evening helps to sleep peacefully.

Improves appetite, especially for children with weakness.

It improves blood pressure and helps control blood sugar.

Strengthens bones and protects against fragility.

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