Coffee experiments with lemon to lose weight

The experiences of coffee with lemon to lose weight, the world of Eve, we present to you today through my experience website, where there has been increased talk of many obese people recently about the experiences of coffee with lemon for slimming 

which is one of the safe ways to eliminate excess weight, and for this reason, we will talk to you About that experience and how to use it the right way follows.

Coffee experiments with lemon to lose weight, the world of Eve

Coffee experiments with lemon to lose weight, the world of Eve

There is no doubt that there are many girls who repeatedly try to eliminate the problem of excess weight 

but after the experiment of coffee with lemon was conducted on some girls, it was already found that it helped reduce weight significantly 

and here is how to use coffee with lemon to lose weight correctly is based on the actual experiences of some women who were suffering from excess weight 

especially my personal experience, as I was suffering from excess weight of more than 30 kilos, and soon I lost half of them in record time. The preparation can be done as follows:

 How to prepare

First, we bring a pot, put an appropriate amount of water in it, and then put it on the fire.

We put only one tablespoon of coffee in the water.

We add one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice to water and coffee.

This drink is taken on an empty stomach.

Who has tried coffee with lemon to lose weight, the world of Eve?

It is preferable to take this recipe for one week and you will notice the difference yourself, and you should also drink a quantity of water immediately after eating the recipe so that no deposits are formed in the kidneys.

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Disadvantages of coffee with lemon

Although coffee with lemon helps to get rid of excess weight, some harms must be known before starting to use the recipe, as follows

The World Health Organization has confirmed that excessive consumption of coffee in large quantities leads to caffeine addiction, which the organization has classified as a clinical disease.

Continuous consumption of caffeine leads to a constant feeling of drowsiness and an inability to sleep normally, which may cause pregnancy loss in some women.

Lemon may cause an allergic reaction in some cases.

Sometimes coffee and lemon may lead to severe headaches and inability to sleep, as a result of eating it on an empty stomach.

It may sometimes lead to kidney deposits, and stomach ulcers as well.

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