Cumin for slimming: is it real?

Cumin for slimming fact or myth? 

To find out the adequate scientific answer to this question, follow the article.

Cumin for slimming: is it real?

Cumin is one of the main spices in most of the country's kitchens, but did you know that you can include it in your diet to lose weight? How does it work to reduce weight?

Full details about the importance of cumin for slimming are as follows:

Is cumin really effective for slimming?

Yes, cumin is classified as a magic recipe for weight loss, as it can contribute to reducing the percentage of fat in the abdomen and in the whole body.

Cumin has been proven effective for losing weight in two different studies:

The first study

A study was conducted on 88 overweight women, then the women were divided into two groups as follows:

44 women ate about 3 grams of cumin per day

44 women did not take cumin.

The result was that those who ate cumin reduced their body fat by about 15%, as opposed to those who did not eat cumin.

second study

Another study was conducted on a group of overweight people, who took cumin for 8 consecutive weeks, and the result was:

Low body mass index.

Lower total cholesterol.

Bad cholesterol.


With these studies, we find that cumin for slimming is 100% scientific and correct.

How does cumin work to lose weight?

Cumin seeds are a simple and effective tool for weight loss, which is soaked in boiling water and eaten with any type of food, and it is recommended to eat only a teaspoon of it daily.

The importance of cumin for slimming is that when eaten, it reduces appetite and burns accumulated fat, which leads to weight loss.

Cumin also contains antioxidants that prevent bloating and aid digestion, thus reducing body fat percentage.

The benefits of cumin are not limited to the stomach, but also help in cleansing the liver by preventing toxins from being absorbed by food.

How is cumin used to lose weight?

It was found that mixing cumin powder in milk is one of the best options and recipes that contribute to weight loss.

It can also be eaten with lemon and ginger, which increases weight loss even more.

The recommended daily amount is 500-1000 milligrams to get the benefit of cumin for slimming, take it 3 times daily with yogurt, or with special meals.

Daily consumption of cumin helps in burning calories quickly by increasing the metabolic rate and digestion, and it also lowers bad cholesterol.

Cumin can be consumed in many forms either as a capsule, as whole seeds, or as ground.

Other benefits of cumin

In addition to the benefits of cumin for slimming, and lowering cholesterol and triglycerides in the body, it also contributes to the following benefits:

Improving mental health.

Help to improve memory and sharpen the skill of concentration.

Reducing insomnia, reducing sleep disturbances.

Improve digestive health, as it helps produce energy more effectively.

Improving the immune system, as it carries a healthy supply of oxygen to tissues in the body.

Treat arthritis and asthma.

Skin rejuvenation and healthy-looking skin, perfect for those no-makeup summer days.

Risks and side effects

Cumin is considered highly safe and generally non-toxic, even in large doses, but there are some side effects that you should know if you want to use cumin, including:

Inhibiting testosterone levels, which means it can make men less fertile if they take it, so cumin for slimming might be an unsuitable prescription for men.

A contributing factor in increasing uterine contractions, which sometimes leads to miscarriage, so it is not recommended for pregnant women to take it.

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