Delayed ejaculation in men

Delayed ejaculation in men and treatment of its speed should be individualized for each person, it is recommended to go for treatment as soon as possible.

Delayed ejaculation in men

Delayed ejaculation in men

Premature ejaculation is the most common disorder in men, characterized by ejaculation that occurs almost always or almost always within a minute of vaginal penetration and is present from the first sexual experience or is acquired.

Methods for delaying ejaculation in men

Here are the most important methods used to delay ejaculation in men as follows:

1. Change thinking

Thinking about something else during intercourse is a good way to delay and treat premature ejaculation. 

Thinking about something else during penetration slows the rate of ejaculation in men.

This method relies on a lack of focus on the pleasure of sexual intercourse with the partner, but sometimes shifting thinking harms the sense of orgasm that occurs during penetration and the lack of sexual communication with the partner.

2. Change the process or method

During intercourse, when you feel that the climax is approaching, stop the methods that excite you and start working in the other direction, in other words, focus on the partner more.

This causes your climax to drop and after a few minutes you can enjoy the excitement again and this time you can hold for a longer time and thus delay ejaculation.

3. Changing the position

During intercourse with the partner, and when you feel that you are approaching ejaculation, stop entering this position, and then change the position of intercourse with the partner.

Changing the position reduces the urge to approach ejaculation and extends the time of your sexual function.

4. Put the man on the ground

During intercourse and penetration, the lowering of one leg on the ground, and the feeling of coldness resulting from contact with the ground, leads to:

Focusing on the man and thus changing the direction of thinking.

Delaying ejaculation without affecting sexual contact with the partner.

5. Exercising the muscles of the sexual organs

This is done by stopping penetration during intercourse, remaining motionless inside the partner, and tightening the muscles of the penis and the muscles of the anus in the body, which leads to a delay in ejaculation and the cessation of semen.

Strengthening the muscles of the penis also helps to have a stronger and more stable erection, and when urinating, the flow of urine must be stopped by tightening the muscles of the penis as well.

6. Change the frequency of breathing

When you identify the point of approaching ejaculation, change your pace to a slower, deeper, and longer pace.

When ejaculation approaches during intercourse, the pace of breath increases very quickly and accelerates with the body reaching orgasm and ejaculation. Changing to a slower, deeper pace certainly helps delay ejaculation.

7. Pressing the penis

Pressing with the fingers on the penis in several basic areas helps to delay the ejaculation process. The pressures should be done with the tips of the fingers in a deliberate manner, not as painful pinches or fists:

The tip of the penis: two fingers should be pressed firmly in front and behind the crown. These pressures reduce the urge to ejaculate.

End of the penis and the beginning of the testicles: Constant pressure for several seconds in this area helps to delay ejaculation.

Below the testicles: There is a soft and sensitive area to touch, constant pressure on this area by the finger for several seconds delays the process of near ejaculation.

8. Using the back ring

Using a ring that produces pressure on the base of the penis and delays ejaculation. You can get this ring from the pharmacy.

The ring can be normal or vibrated to increase the orgasm of both men and women or to delay ejaculation in men.

9. Use a condom

Condoms greatly help in treating premature ejaculation, as condoms relieve the feeling of penetration, and thus delay ejaculation.

Medical methods to delay ejaculation in men

It is possible to resort to pharmacological and therapeutic solutions as well to delay ejaculation, and these include:

Drug treatment that is done daily or before sexual intercourse only as prescribed by the specialist doctor.

Use antidepressants, which contain substances that act on the synapses in the brain, and so one of their effects is to delay ejaculation, as they are given in a low dose and under medical supervision.

The use of local aerosol anesthesia of the penis with anesthetics 15-20 minutes before intercourse, delays ejaculation by at least 6 times.

The use of a local anesthetic gel that contains narcotic compounds that are applied to the tip of the penis, leads to loss of feeling at the tip of the penis upon penetration and thus delays the ejaculation process.

Take tramadol under medical supervision, whose side effects are exploited, to delay ejaculation.

Important information about premature ejaculation in m

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