Does adding lemon juice to coffee help you lose weight faster?

When you start a new diet, you'll take any simple advice seriously, won't you? Well, one purported weight loss trick got attention on social media this week when a TikTok user suggested that adding lemon juice to coffee could help burn fat faster.

Does adding lemon juice to coffee help you lose weight faster?

But Canadian nutritionist Karen Graham revealed the truth about this, as she confirmed that adding lemon juice to coffee may help you lose weight faster. and lemons, according to the eat this website.

In her recent post on TikTok, Brasso noted that she was putting lemonade in her coffee as part of the #coffeeandlemondiet challenge, which has gone viral online for users to lose weight.

After a week of trying it, she confirmed that she scrapped the method because it didn't work. According to Newsweek, nutritionist and BDA member Marcela Fiosa said there was no physiological explanation that would justify mixing coffee and lemon for weight loss, she said.

Dietitian Karen Graham said: 'Adding lemon juice to coffee doesn't sound very tasty. Regardless of the taste, there are some physiological effects. We know that lemon juice lowers the glycemic index, the rate at which blood sugar is absorbed.'

"So if you include lemon juice for coffee, it slows down the speed of absorption of carbohydrates. This is well known. 

This means that your sugars will not increase as quickly, which is a good thing," she adds.

One note on this, Graham advises: "You usually have to use at least half a teaspoon of lemon juice to have this effect on your body's absorption of sugar."

But what about lemonade, coffee, and weight loss in particular?

“However, the effect of lemon juice on your blood sugar does not mean that it will help you lose weight,” says Graham, adding that the combination of lemon juice and coffee itself is questionable as a weight loss diet method.

On the other hand, Graham noted some possible reasons for this lemonade with coffee in a weight loss challenge that can show a difference in losing kilos, she said: 

"Maybe it suppresses the appetite of the individual and does not eat much, maybe it is because the sugar is not high In the blood, you're a little more relaxed, it doesn't make sense unless it's a secondary benefit to the appetite."

Here is what you should not do if you put lemon juice in your coffee to lose weight:

"Usually when you add lemon to something, you have to add salt or sugar to balance that flavor in terms of recipe development," notes Graham. 

"If you're dieting, make sure you don't add added sugar to it."

Al Habeera advises: "If you feel that drinking a mixture of lemon juice and coffee will make you lose a little weight, do so."

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