Many are looking for effective habits to lose weight, and one of the ways to lose the extra kilograms, which has been very popular, is the lemon coffee drink.

 Does lemon coffee reduce weight? .. A nutritionist reveals the truth

Does lemon coffee reduce weight?

The lemon coffee drink has been promoted on social media recently, as some claim that this mixture helps dissolve fat and thus lose weight.

A lemon coffee drink is prepared by mixing one cup (240 ml) of coffee with the juice of one lemon.

Hence, many began to question the effectiveness of coffee with lemon in losing weight, which was answered by the American nutritionist, Beth Czeroni, according to the American “Cleveland Clinic” website.

Are the claims of the ability of lemon coffee drinks to lose weight true? The answer to this question is no, lemon does not have special fat-burning properties.

"There is nothing in lemon juice that will burn fat or a chemical relationship to make that happen," Czeroni added.

She drew similar claims, as drinking a glass of water with a slice of lemon is often cited as a beneficial way to lose weight, due to the water filling the stomach without any calories.

"Water keeps you full, which works to reduce hunger signals that make you want to eat," the dietitian explained.

"Coffee has a similar benefit in suppressing appetite, with a faster metabolism due to caffeine, but healthy diet plans are not built with coffee consumption with or without lemon," Czeroni said.

Are there benefits to adding lemon to coffee?

Lemon has some good nutritional qualities, and like many citrus fruits, it acts as a powerful source of vitamin C. The citric acid in lemons may also aid digestion and reduce the likelihood of kidney stones.

"Lemon is a very wonderful fruit, but it is not magic when it comes to weight loss," Czeroni noted.

Dangers of adding lemon to coffee

Lemon juice can sometimes cause heartburn, due to its high levels of citric acid, especially if you have a history of acid reflux.

This acid can also be rough on tooth enamel over time and in high amounts.

Accordingly, Czeroni said of the coffee drink with lemon for weight loss: "I would not recommend it."

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