Drinking coffee with lemon after eating..Does weight reduce?

There is no dispute that coffee is a stimulant beverage that is beneficial to human health, due to its high nutritional value, but what happens to the body when it is consumed after preparing it with lemon?

Drinking coffee with lemon after eating..Does weight reduce?

The Express website answered this question in a recent report, noting that coffee with lemon offers many benefits for general health, especially if it is taken after meals

Benefits of coffee with lemon

natural detox

Drinking coffee with lemon after eating would contribute to purifying the body of toxins and harmful substances, by promoting the health of the liver, which is responsible for performing this vital function, with the help of the kidneys.

Promote digestive health

Drinking coffee with lemon after eating helps improve bowel movement and facilitate digestion and excretion, thanks to caffeine, vitamin C, and fiber.

energy source

Coffee with lemon plays a big role in resisting the feeling of lethargy associated with eating because it works to provide the body with energy and vitality.

Weight loss

Coffee with lemon enhances the metabolism process, which helps to burn the fat accumulated in the body, and then lose weight, provided that it is taken in light of a healthy low-calorie diet and regular exercise.

Other benefits of lemon coffee

Maintaining hormonal balance in the body.

- Prevention of heart disease.

Enhancing the stomach's ability to digest fats after eating fatty meals, without causing constipation, bloating, and gas.

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