Since the beginning of history, every woman has been looking for ways to beautify her face in her own way and style, and although beauty is not limited to the beauty of the face only, 

the beauty of the face takes over a woman's thinking more than any other area of ​​her body, as the beauty of the face reflects the beauty of the soul.

facelift surgery

Since ancient times, many women have used natural recipes and various methods to get a beautiful and attractive face, but the traditional methods used take a lot of time and the results were not of the expected quality and their effects did not last long 

and the need for women to remain beautiful and enjoy a young face was the motive for a permanent and continuous search For modern and renewable ways to treat the annoying marks on the face that make women dissatisfied with the appearance of their face. 

What is a facelift? 

Types of facial plastic surgery, facial cosmetic techniques, costs, results, and even how long they take, and we will detail these techniques and the problems they address through the following article.

beautification of the face

Facial plastic surgery is a process that seeks to get a person to have a beautiful face that is tight and full of vitality and youth. Facial plastic surgery has made a breakthrough in the 

field of facial cosmetic surgery in different ways to treat all facial problems that women and men may suffer from. facelift

Problems that facial plastic surgery

Deep wrinkles under the eyes, along the nose, and even into the mouth.

Relaxation of the skin of the jaw.

Double chin removal.

Having depression in the middle of the face.

chin liposuction

The presence of scars

Raised old wounds.

These problems are the result of several factors, including natural factors such as aging and weather factors, including bad habits such as drinking alcohol and smoking, and psychological ones such as depression and feelings of stress. Read also: Face sculpting in Egypt

Types of facial beauty

1 - Facial plastic surgery

It is a surgical technique that requires general anesthesia and takes several hours to complete, but its results are considered the best compared to other facelift procedures and last longer. 

But the disadvantage of facial plastic surgery, in general, is that the risk is the highest among the rest of the techniques, and this technique is used in the process of long facelifts.

2 - Laser facial plastic surgery

In laser facelifts and cosmetic surgeries, a laser beam emitting device is used, which stimulates the production of collagen under the first layer of saggy skin, which helps treat wrinkles, scars, etc., excluding facial problems. 

Laser technology needs about two hours in the case of a full laser facial, but in the case of beautifying a specific part such as the eyes area or along the nose or others, the procedure may take from half an hour to 45 minutes only. 

The patient may need more than one laser treatment session depending on his condition, and the treating doctor uses local anesthesia on the area to be beautified, and laser facial plastic 

surgery is considered a medium-cost face-lift procedure and distinguishes it that it is less dangerous than the technique of facial plastic surgery, and its results appear in a short period. 

Shorter for this is one of the best types of facial plastic surgery. 

3 - Facial injections

Facial injections, whether it is botox or filler injections, are one of the latest facial cosmetic techniques. injection. 

All of these factors led to the spread of this technique, especially since its costs are the lowest compared to the rest of the facial cosmetic techniques, but the injection of the face 

needs to be repeated after a certain period ranging from six months to a year, because the effect of the injection is over in this period and the face needs to be injected again, This technique is not suitable for a long facelift.

Tips before a facelift

You must choose the hospital or clinic in which you will perform the facelift surgery and be reputable and have international quality certificates.

Choosing a qualified and experienced doctor. The success of facelift operations is primarily thanks to skilled doctors.

Conducting the analyzes and tests that the treating doctor will ask you to do, to check on your health before the operation, and to make sure that everything is safe so that complications do not occur during and after the face-lift operation.

Do an allergy test when using the injection technique so that you are not allergic to the injection material, so your health will be at risk.

Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol for no less than two weeks before the facelift procedure.

If you suffer from a skin problem or a disease in your skin, the doctor will ask you to use certain drugs for treatment first before performing a facelift.

You must be realistic about the results. You cannot look exactly like it was 20 years ago, but you can get the best possible shape for your face if you choose an experienced doctor. 

You should also discuss with your treating doctor your expectations for the results of a facelift.

Safety and security measures

All instruments used in the process must be fully sterilized.

In the case of using laser technology, the patient's eyes must be covered so as not to be damaged by the laser radiation.

In the case of using a general anesthetic, a test must be done for the patient to ensure his tolerance of this drug, and to monitor the condition of the heart, pressure, and all vital signs of the body.

Sterile dressings that have not been used previously, even for the same patient, should be placed to avoid the risk of infection.

Questions that the patient should discuss with the attending physician

What is the right technique for my case?

What are the expected results?

Will I need general anesthesia?

How much will the operation cost?

Will I need to stay overnight in the hospital after the operation?

When can I see the final results of a facelift?

When can I return to my normal life after facelift surgery?

Is there a problem from direct exposure to the sun or applying cosmetics after facelift surgery?

What are the potential risks during and after facelift operations?

Are there drugs I need for Furniture before and after plastic surgery?

How to choose the right Iranian doctor

Starting plastic surgery is a branch of starting cosmetic surgery a branch of starting to use the principles and rules when choosing a facial plastic surgeon and that he has a traditional 

and wonderful character, and a traditional man, and supports that he specializes in facial beautification specifically and not a branch of medicine. 

Look at the results of previous operations, by doing it, it's wonderful, it's wonderful, it's wonderful, it's wonderful, it is wonderful, it's wonderful, it's wonderful, its smell, it smells, it smells, it smells beautiful.

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