For cancer patients... Follow these tips to avoid anemia

Many suffer from cancers of all kinds and are subjected to chemotherapy that harms mental and physical health 

especially the bone marrow in which red blood cells are formed, which negatively affects red and white blood cells, leading to anemia and possible infection.

For cancer patients... Follow these tips to avoid anemia

Cancer Chemotherapy has revealed that risk factors increase the likelihood that a person undergoing chemotherapy will have a low red blood cell count called anemia, and a low hemoglobin level in the blood before treatment begins.

Research has confirmed that anemia is one of the most common side effects of chemotherapy, affecting 30% to 90% of cancer patients. 

Side effects include hair loss, constipation or diarrhea, severe fatigue and fever, severe pain in the entire body, and narrowing breathing.

Doctors advised according to the site "Livestrong".

A healthy diet helps protect against anemia caused by chemotherapy, by eating iron-containing foods that boost red blood cells, found in animal products and plant sources.

One of the doctors added that you should eat a lot of meat to be easily absorbed by the body, as well as seafood, and eat vegetables, beans, nuts, and fresh fruits. 

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