Green apple diet: all information about it

Green apples are among the fruits rich in vitamins and important elements for the body and low in calories. 

Is the green apple diet really beneficial? 

What are its main advantages and disadvantages?

Do green apples burn belly fat?

Which apple is best for weight loss?

Do green apples burn belly fat?

Green apple diet: all information about it

Green apple diet: all information about it

Although there is no single food that provides ideal weight loss results, there are some foods that increase the rate of burning fat in the body, including green apples, so is the green apple diet really useful? And how can it be followed?

Green apple diet: the way

Following the green apple, diet does not mean eating green apples only without other foods, but it will be essential in the daily diet to promote fat burning and reduce the feeling of hunger, and thus speed up weight loss.

It can be followed as follows:

Breakfast: You can eat 2 boiled eggs or 4 tablespoons of beans, in addition to one green apple.

After breakfast: eat half a green apple to help you feel full and not hungry until lunch.

Lunch: A salad dish containing various types of vegetables is eaten, in addition to a steak, a quarter of a chicken, or one fish, with 4 tablespoons of rice or pasta, or they can be replaced with half a loaf of brown bread or a slice of toast.

After lunch: The second half of the green apple is eaten until dinner comes.

Dinner: A box of fat-free yogurt is eaten with a whole green apple.

Throughout the day: Drink plenty of water and fluids without added sugar to boost metabolism and burn.

Green Apple Diet: Advantages

Green apples contain a large proportion of vitamins important to promote health, and their calories are lower than other types of fruits, and they also contain a large percentage of fiber, which helps to feel full and full for a long time.

Therefore, the green apple diet offers the following:

Obtaining important nutrients for the body: The diet includes various types of foods, whether vegetables, fruits, protein, or grains.

Not feeling hungry for a long time: Green apples help eliminate the feeling of hunger between meals and at the end of the day, thus eliminating the need to eat any additional foods.

Get a good result within a few days: The result of this diet can be observed within one week of following it, and it can be repeated again without worry; Because it does not cause any health problems and does not deprive the body of any nutrients it needs.

Green Apple Diet: Disadvantages

There are some disadvantages associated with the green apple diet, which are:

Not eating different types of fruits

This diet is limited to eating green apples, and to avoid this problem, you can follow this diet for one week and then follow the same diet with changing green apples with other fruits, and then you can go back to the green apple diet again.

Having digestive disorders

Green apples contain a large percentage of fiber that stays in the stomach for a long time, and this is not suitable for people with digestive disorders, as it can cause constipation, and to avoid this problem, you should drink large amounts of water throughout the day.

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