Healthy diet, lose 30 kilos in 6 months

A healthy diet loses 30 kilos in 6 months, it may seem a little long, but a healthy diet guarantees you a gradual loss of weight without a negative impact on your health, especially since most of the weight we lose in any diet at first is from water while fat is burned and lost In the next stage.

How much weight can be lost in 6 months?

How can I slim down in 6 months?

How much weight can the average woman lose in 6 months?

Healthy diet, lose 30 kilos in 6 months

And this healthy diet that we offer you today, and if you adhere to it for 6 months, will help you lose 30 kilos and enjoy strong health and a slim and harmonious body. 

This diet can also be adopted in later stages as a type of daily diet that ensures that you enjoy healthy eating while stabilizing the weight you lost during the last period.

Get to know with us the details of the nutritional program for a healthy diet to lose 30 kg in 6 months.

The nutritional program in a healthy diet, you will lose 30 kilos in 6 months

•    breakfast:

Fruit or a cup of natural fruit juice with a cup of milk, a cup of tea or coffee, and a slice of butter with a spoon of honey.

• Lunch (optional for 6 days):

Salad plate with two triangle cheese slices, 2 eggs, and a slice of wholemeal bread.

Or: a vegetable dish with a slice of grilled scallops 200 grams.

Or: a soup plate with 200 grams of fish.

Or: 2 boiled potatoes with grilled chicken breast.

Or: a vegetable dish with grilled minced meat 150 grams.

Or: soup with grilled chicken.

• Dinner (optional 6 days):

Vegetable soup with an apple.

Or: a platter of mixed salad.

Or: a plate of vegetables as desired.

Or: vegetable soup with fruit salad.

Or: vegetable salad with tuna and fruit.

Or: grilled vegetable salad with 2 boiled eggs.


• Handful of nuts without salt.

•    Yogurt.

• Fruit.

•    tea.

•    coffee.

Seventh day: rest day.

The important principles of a healthy diet

• It is allowed to eat a teaspoon of salt throughout the day.

• The need to drink water at a rate of two liters per day.

• Doing any kind of sports activities.

• Cook food properly, either by boiling or grilling.

• You can eat one tablespoon of olive oil per day.

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