How does anemia affect sexual desire?

 How does anemia affect sexual desire?

Anemia, or what is also known as acute anemia, is a common disorder, and it occurs when a deficiency in red blood cells impedes the delivery of oxygen to various parts of the body; These organs are negatively affected, which prevents them from carrying out their functions normally.

How does anemia affect sexual desire?

• Decline in sexual ability: 

sexual performance is negatively affected by anemia, which is an important reason behind the decline in sexual desire of both husband and wife; This blood problem may be moderate or advanced and cause a lot of fatigue and lethargy, which reduces the strength needed to practice intimacy.

• Erectile dysfunction: 

Anemia can cause erectile dysfunction; This is because the amount of blood required for a normal erection may not reach the penis in the event of anemia, which makes the sexual desire weak and the member also weak in front of stimuli and unable to interact with them.

• Feeling tired: 

One of the most prominent complications of suffering from anemia is feeling tired and general weakness in the body quickly without making a great effort. 

This would negatively and directly affect sexual desire; Where the desire for intimacy decreases when feeling tired.

• Distraction in thinking: 

suffering from anemia results in a distraction in thinking and the inability to focus on all things; Which may hinder enjoyment during an intimate relationship as a result of a decline in sexual desire and access to the expected orgasm.

Shortness of breath: 

Anemia often causes shortness of breath, which is reflected in sexual life by negatively affecting sexual performance. 

And shortness of breath resulting from anemia may prevent the success of the intimate relationship and reaching orgasm due to weak sexual desire.

• Increased heart rate: 

It is normal for the patient to feel anemia with an increased heart rate, especially during and after an intimate relationship. 

This symptom would weaken the sexual desire of a person with anemia, as a result of causing anxiety and negatively affecting sexual performance. 

And because an intimate relationship is an effort equivalent to sports, suffering from anemia may prevent the patient from having a successful relationship as a result of some complications that he may face.

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